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Sunset Beach Nasugbu Batangas

By on September 28, 2018

A very beautiful beach with both combinations of rocky and sandy, this place is my favorite spot to capture the sunset. The peaceful moment, you can even watch the sun as it sinks completely below the horizon while swimming, that would be quiet memorable.

Previously, I have favored Marina beach to be the best however, sunset beach graceful formation of rocks with the stunning sunset background and waves washing ashore commands a spectacular site, it’s a compelling attraction to take panoramic scenes.

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Ship Wreck/ Greek Ship Khoula F.

By on June 25, 2016

Greek ship submerged in water along the shores of Kish,Iran

The abandoned ship wreck, ”Greek ship called Khoula F. on the shores of Kish,Iran an island resort. This is the remains of the old Greek ship, a 1943 cargo steamship totally breaking apart and it looks like a ghost ship.

Kish Island is a popular tourist attraction and a favorite site for the photographers and visitors visiting the Persian Gulf. Along the shore is a beautiful sunset so with the  full view of the ship wreck.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on October 15, 2014

It’s educational,responsibility and travel opportunity for pilgrimage lovers and mountain climbers. Visit the Holy Place ”Mount Banahaw” lying between  provinces of Laguna and Quezon.

DSC06432 copy

Mount Banahaw is an active volcano in the Philippines and the tallest mountain in Southern Tagalog. My hiking adventure going Mount Banahaw seems to be a easy hour hiking but you’ll experienced sweating in tropical heat.

I just hope today, the weather will brighten up so to allow me to enjoy hiking and taking snapshots around. For more than a month of cloudy skies and heavy downpour, typhoon just left after bringing rains to Metropolis and provincial areas. My adventure continues, more photos next posts…

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