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By on March 20, 2013

One way of killing boredom is to get your camera and shoot any subject of interest.You’ll find something new to learn,something in home that surprises you.This is my own way of entertaining myself to fight boredom that strikes me at home,it’s even fun and exciting to see the result.I feel more relaxed to photograph indoors than outdoors although, outdoor shooting is an exciting adventure to see especially if location shooting that shots everywhere that anyone would like to sight see.However, indoor is easier that pays more absolute attention without rushing to anything.You can even practice shoot to discover any problems and people around you will pick up which scenes work and which ones are not.I will just let my camera to make decisions and I’m waiting for entertainment result. I want this simple subject for today’s activity.

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IMG_2457 copy

Lovely flowers inside the glass jar.

IMG_2453 copy

This time,bit closer to the subject and with water inside the jar.

Note: Photographing in the backyard is hot especially mid-afternoon. The best way to protect your face from the sun is to have a big hat,it’s a sun-repellent but still, you need a sunblock cream especially if over exposure to the sun.

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