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Only for the Flowers

By on February 17, 2014

IMG_1925 copy

On my way home, I saw a queen bee pollinating the flowers, I immediately grabbed my camera to take a snapshot. As I was about to press the shutter,it flew backwards. I followed it again for the 2nd time, it flew straight to my camera encircling my head. How aggressive! I just stand-by firmly, I didn’t make any movement in order to be safe. For the 2rd try, I pressed the shutter and it’s done! That time, it was about to rain and I hurriedly packed everything before it gets wet.

To my surprised when I saw this photo. Where is the bee? The queen bee is nowhere to be found. Whew! I’ve missed to check my camera earlier. So the result,what is left are the flowers minus the queen bee. I really thought it was successful, How tough and aggressive to photographed such one. Previously, I have photographed the honeybees and the city bees. I can even touch these bees unlike the queen bee,it was quite bigger and aggressive, I can’t even come closer, so scared that its just like breaking my brain cells into pieces. It just happened that I’m also an aggressive photographer and I’m sure, I will get her back soon!

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Egrets – The Migratory Birds (Part 2)

By on July 15, 2011

Photographed by: Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia                                Part- 1  2


The trail and river cruise going  to the  Perak river of Teluk Intan, Malaysia.  Pixelpro photographers  following the logical route to shoot the egrets is the Part 2 version of the first article that was published earlier, ‘’Egrets- The Migratory Birds.’’ Both 2 articles took 4 days from conception to completion.

In here, You can see the professional photographers capturing the scenes and what happens along the way going there. I was amused to see the bird’s paradise. It is really a quiet and ideal place for them. For me, To write something about the birds is a very satisfying experience. To be honest, The reason why I want to get up things with professional photographers? It is because we share the same passion and values. Passions for ‘’Photography’’ and ‘’Our Love for the Animals.’’ I don’t want to miss every details of it. This is a combined ‘’Labor of Love’’ between the photographers and me. Photography is such a wonderful and memorable way to document the place or the subject itself.

I don’t want to encourage  pro. Photographers to formulate questions about this because I’m not a photographer itself. Therefore I don’t know anyting about technical details  about photography. Hence focusing only  to the birds  itself.

The Story of the Egrets (Part 1)  is an inspirational tales of wildlife. I feel great to share not only my story but also the spectacular and timeless  Pixelpro photos for my readers. These photos alone makes me want to visit Malaysia. Let’s get started.  Snap and Enjoy!

The  Sungai Peruk river of Teluk Intan, Malaysia.


It is a touch of wildlife.

The boatman was even more excited  to be with the group.

Along the way to the Bird’s Paradise.  At around 6:00 a.m. Pixelpro Photographers going there by boat.


 Alex Chan, The director of Pixel Pro Photography  with  the peace sign. It seems, He feels comfortable wearing a life jacket.

Alen Chow

Aizat Rosli,   waving his hand, He ‘s a friend of mine.  He was among with the group who went there.


Taking photos of the location. I was energized by the views itself. River cruise is not only an exciting way to travel but a good sights you can see  along the way.

This is the destination. The Bird Island is a paradise home for the egrets.  Full view of the Egrets home. The egrets looks like a small white paper torn over the mangroves. It looks like a paper airplane.  The mangroves is a transit area to feed and rest for the night.

Powershot Moments. As you can see the photographers  are always ready and their camera within reach to shoot anytime. This activity is a far long shooting session. I think the light conditions of the day is good.

I think, They will really create images worth talking about and it was true.

The shooting begins..


Alex Chan and company. What a relaxing way to capture the birds! This is the right place and time.

Beautiful setting. Impressive number of birds flying aimlessly.

The large dispersal flocks travelling along the way. This proves that Egrets are Migratory Shorebirds.

Taking and capturing pictures like this is a witness to the wonderful site.

It is a pro. series.

I feel good. This photo will definitely adds life.

Aizat’s way of capturing  egrets  movement in flight. Let us see his different movements and techniques. We will all learn from him.

What a pro! What is important is, He feels comfortable with this position. All images  came out to be very fantastic.

Aizat’s smart shots and it’s worth talking about . How I wish  to do this.

What makes a place unique? To see the flying birds encircling around makes it unique.

At sunset, Each one flies to its own specific tree to sleep.  Amazing! Great numbers of egrets. Just like, I was hypnotized by this scene.


6:30 p.m. here. The photographers waited until their lovable creatures gets to sleep.

Night skies, Dose of refreshing night breezes that blow along the river. The long day shooting ended

The egrets sleeps but, the story will not end up here…I just hope the survival of these species will continue to multiply through the ages. They are very much an integral part of our ecosystem.

I really appreciate you guys for sharing  your photos with me and that makes  your efforts worthwhile. I’m looking forward to the next version of the Migratory Birds Part 3  soon. I hope guys we will continue raising conservation and awareness to save the Wild birds.  Thank you very much Alex Chan , Aizat Rosli and other Pixel Pro Photography club members.


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