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Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade 2014

By on February 10, 2015

I’ve started covering the Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade way back year 2011 and up the the present, it was already my fourth year of following the parade. I’ve already published 3 others in the past.As usual, it is done at the same time(6:00 pm) and venue(in front of Sm HyperMart ) It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials.

In the past,they presented different electrical float design, a movie-themed float well-structured and gracefully made with soundtrack. For this year 2014, Floats featured popular Disney characters from animated movies with live performers wearing elegant costumes. Just like the fairy tale stories, you’ll see the interpretation of your favorite Disney characters.Hundreds of watchers and passers turned to see the float.Full of people screaming with wide eyes admiration, simply, the shouts of joy.

Paskotitap Parade for this year is quiet different from the rest.There’s a quick change of set up to present the multi-colored shades particularly, the natural and exact color of the float.I can only get that view during daytime. How about that? I guess, better photos would be taken at right time,I was able to take close-up photos of all floats during the day followed by more shots at night. Indeed, photography would be easier with the absence of the crowd.

From the dark and bright sky, you’ll see the difference between ”Day photography” and the”Night photography”. So here, you’ll the difference between the two if you view photos taken by day and night.You can see the natural color of the float during the day but it’s more wonderful to see the glitzy glow of floats at night. Here ‘s to present not only day photos but, night photos as well.

Note: My night photography. Let’s get started

Alaska Float

10306755_1536901473232602_1756835551451429574_n copy


10421600_1536894826566600_7365095121446497215_n copy


Egypt Float

1378856_1536565746599508_4920572705985545973_n copy


10423634_1536894553233294_5812154970792490721_n copy

Micky Mouse Float

10675651_1536897879899628_2440526086905894334_n (1) copy


10406667_1536896729899743_6128834653949934658_n copy


Nativity Float

10868095_1536893523233397_5755929662876667868_n copy


Spiderman Float

10846473_1536899433232806_2344212048164298740_n (1) copy


10406856_1536899796566103_6201629861286360882_n copy


10846022_1536900026566080_8477916578753950497_n copy


 Tinkerbell Float

10273515_1536902106565872_5990575001821312791_n copy


10850258_1536902206565862_5280113037766936820_n copy


10599290_1536899893232760_465970733015029860_n copy


10376845_1536900149899401_1236570254886649648_n copy

Maleficent Float

10410157_1536901373232612_238898240806503719_n (1) copy


10850300_1536900389899377_4370752442590909428_n copy


Other Paskotitap Floats

1381493_1536897353233014_1678335610757354782_n copy


10624777_1536901706565912_7553561511391211635_n copy


10858451_1536901743232575_1418295548271838019_n copy


10353110_1536899263232823_7975372765646399191_n copy


10405452_1536898449899571_8510537456036928319_n copy


1380840_1536901876565895_4730361004409893255_n copy


10868101_1536897906566292_6826120062973739757_n copy


10868139_1536897459899670_3330114134562549268_n copy


10395833_1536897376566345_7974554041792000741_n copy


10409218_1536897176566365_1618918074466788183_n copy

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