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Language of Love

By on September 2, 2013

Attaching meaningful and short phrases like these is a direct language to express your purpose in love especially if you are shy to say it verbally.The language of love is even more interesting if you say it with flowers. Here’s some of my examples on how to make love messages creatively..I’m sure it will capture the heart of the receiver.

Forwarding love messages sent to your loved ones  accompanied with flowers will always express something to capture his/her attention.However, it is already a common practice to those who are in love but,at least it will always help to show your special interest and purity of your heart.

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IMG_5103 copy


IMG_6114 copy


IMG_2343 copy copy


IMG_2709 copy


IMG_3459 copy


IMG_2386 copy copy


IMG_2263 copy


IMG_4024 copy


IMG_6640 copy copy


IMG_4095 copy copy


IMG_9569 copy copy


IMG_9577 copy copy


IMG_1645 copy copy


IMG_3346 copy copy

Note: Fresh flowers would be more meaningful indeed.

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