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Filipino Figure Skater, Michael Christian Martinez

By on April 28, 2014

After meeting the Guinness Book of Record Holder, Gina Gil Lacuna, Here’s another famous, Michael Christian Martinez, a young figure skater and the first Filipino to qualify for the Sochi Winter Olympics. The pride of the Philippines is only 17 and the youngest skater who competed during that time.

Following the event lately, the Philippines hosted ISU WORLD DEVELOPMENT TROPHY 2014 at SM Megamall Skating Rink last April 21-26 participated by 11 countries. I was there during the last day of the event. I even met some skaters from other countries during the Junior skating free style. I really thought, it was already late when I arrived. I’m glad, was able to catch up 30 minutes before Michael will skate. The last day was the awarding of winners and the highlight of the event, a night exhibition of Michael.

It was my first time to see Michael skating live at SM Skating rink. Wearing a full black outfit, looks handsome and in perfect form. It was very entertaining to see all his graceful movements on ice with the loud music of,’’A Time for us.’’ I did video while photographing at the same time. (Video footage to be published soon) Only 17 of age, tall and slim, he was the most admired skater that night. He won the hearts of the crowd especially the teenagers around.

Holding my camera at one corner of the rink, I did horizontal and vertical shots, it’s really hard to catch the center of interest in order to get a good view. The corner was not an easy spot, the thick glass of the skating rink is blocking my view. However, catching Michael’s fast movement on ice is the center of my interests.

Michael Christian Martinez (Filipino athlete in the Winter Olympics) performing live at MEGAMALL Skating Rink. Here are some of Michael’s skating movement, exciting moves on display. It’s hard to catch up the Axel speed.








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