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Micky Mouse Flower

By on September 5, 2011

Today is a sunny day and I decided to take a stroll around my backyard and I was surprised  to see my flowers blooming into something more than I ever imagined. My garden became  the  most comfortable and a private place to relax. It has a greatful simplicity view especially if you see  blooming flowers with butterflies, and the bees around it. Not to mention the presence of hummingbirds  as the prettiest visitors.It really draws  attention and welcoming glow  eventhough,  It has been neglected over the past weeks. Oh yes! This is the right time to express my satisfaction because of my hardwork and patience working in the garden. Now, Let me show you one of my favourite  flower  in my own backyard that attracts immediate attention,

This is a Mickey Mouse Flower. It’s so beautiful that It draws too much attention and welcoming glow to my visitors.  It exudes an atmosphere which is compellingly different. You don’t need wealth to create a beautiful or ideal garden of distinction, What you need is a good taste to make good effects and a working knowledge in selecting a good flower like these. Anyway, Hard work pays off and it’s worth it.

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