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Halloween Specials

By on October 30, 2014

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How do you celebrate Halloween?

We celebrated it with horrible costumes, night and day Halloween parties, Jack-O-Lanterns, even our own foods like fruits, candies, biscuits was formed into spooky stuffs, strange forms and figures. We also decorated our garden with some horrible props.Of course, the treat or trick practice, it was all a kid’s fun.

However, if you want to make your Halloween an extra creepy and memorable experience to count on, Don’t sleep and spend all night  in cemeteries and haunted house waiting for something strange to come out. Call yourself a ghost hunter,anyway, it’s nice to be good at something. Just wondering, how in this world you would get rid of ghosts and bad spirits?

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions

My Halloween Image

By on November 3, 2012

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Getting ready for a halloween party. My Halloween costume is a zombie. What a total transformation! The make-up applied on my face was temporary good for only for 3 hours, I’m prone to allergies and bit sensitive to wet make-up.Hence, they have used a hypo-allergenic one with no bad reaction afterwards.

However, I’m scared to see my own self.It looks like, I need a general surgery here.Creepy,isn’t it? LOL! I would like to thank my make-up artist for making me looks  like a horrible  zombie! Yikes! I want my face back!

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