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Beautiful Winged Creature

By on June 1, 2012

Our garden provides me a new subject everyday. Here’s the new one but I’m not so sure if this is a butterfly or a moth. It’s smaller than the standard size of the butterfly but still, alike and similar with each other. For me, It’s more of a moth as the body is too fat and hairy. Anyway,To see the difference between both creatures; a butterfly and a moth.You can compare the 2 creatures.Both lovely and attractive!

This winged creature is so attractive in color. See the color pattern. The only difference I can see is the furry body and legs of a moth, It’s bigger and fat compared to a butterfly. The butterfly on the other side is thin.I’m not so sure if I’m right. Any gardeners out there? What’s this creature? Is it a butterfly? or a moth? Anyone?


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