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By on December 29, 2011

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Nothing can compare with the feeling you’ll get when you see the beauty of the sunset. When I first glimpse at the sunset, I couldn’t resist to photograph it. To see is to believe, but to experience it is another thing. I was so impressed with the scenery and could imagine how things could be better. it was really  beautiful! Here, You can savour the serenity and speak with your mind. Don’t you know that sunset has a healing power? I have discovered it by myself. I felt this admiration while watching and photographing this sunset upon descending below the horizon. I would like to share with you what’s good about it and, the feelings that I felt;

Firstly, You can achieve peace to yourself, It brightens my day and revitalize my mind. Allows me to think of past memories left behind, I have developed my patience when the lukewarm breeze blows that gives me a breathing space, An hour from a busy day makes a difference that brings a cheerful mood, The sunset light of perfection is perfect that you’ll appreciate God’s given beauty of nature, It is a perfect subject for photography, It brings calmness and dissipates stress, You’ll see the beautiful changes and transforming of lights into different colors, It will increase your knowledge to witness the sunwheel rotating and descending in front of you, The best science subject, You” ll develop a unique kind of admiration to see the sunset colors reflecting through the water.

What made you more exciting about it? It makes you think of the good things about your outlooks in life,  the convincing power was powerful to help you  tolerate your big problems when high pressured. Positive things would really comes to life and the happiness you’ll achieve to where your heart grows. Try the experience to watch the sunset.  It is the best way not only to communicate with nature but with yourself too. It’s a  special attraction you would like to visit more  as the fulfillment of your dreams, and lastly, It’s the most beautiful experience that you’ll cherish forever.

Note: I took this sunset during our short vacation in my own province.  Cagayan Valley Northern Luzon,  Sta Ana town. I took this sunset  at around 5:15- 5:25 pm. You’ll find Cagayanos as warm, kind and hospitable. Along the way, You’ll pass through places of interest. Going to Sta. Ana from Manila is about 10-12 hours drive.




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