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Bees with the Dramatic Light of the Sunrise

By on June 26, 2012

When the morning sun rises in the east,You can view it in our own backyard. The sun’s rays spread out,creates brilliant-sparkling colors of pink,orange,blue,yellow and dark shadows pointing directly to the flowers.When the honeybees approach the flowers to pollinate,It helps bring bright and brilliant shadows. At closer range images,the morning sun passes through behind reflecting from above and the effect is quiet brilliant.You really cannot compare the beauty of the natural light.The sun shines beautifully in the morning. Even if the bees and the flower is too small but, looks stunning from the light above. It’s an opportunity  providing me a dramatic and interesting images.I loved it!

Bees in flight are very difficult to photograph.I am a careful observer. I guess, because of daily shooting with the bees, They already get used to my presence and approachable. I’m just nearby in a closer distance to take close-up shots.I’m using different record modes to a specie which is difficult to photographed; foliage, low light, vivid colors, to mention some. To prove it to you, Got great number of images of the different movements and actions of bees while pollinating the flowers.I’m just experimenting and trying different tecniques using good subjects and the natural light of the day in a very distinctive way.What do you think? Is it a useful principle for an amateur photographer?


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