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By on July 15, 2012

I’ve collected natural and stunning images of honeybees in a very romantic setting.You can see the worker honeybees: fertile male and female bees getting busy all the time. It really takes a lot of patience to bond with them in order to produce these great number of images.Since these honeybees were already used to my presence everyday,they allow me the permission to take exciting photos of them. For short, they become my instant models now. If you view my previous posts, you’ll see more memorable and beautiful images.I’m just doing great things and justice for the honeybees. I’ve published more than a hundred images including the process of pollination with some interesting facts about it and memorable images to view.  It is a series and continous work-out with them everyday and, up to the present. The first part serves as my summer memories with them. Let’s get started. Happy viewing.

The story behind and how did I do it? well, you can read everything about my broad explanation of my 3 A’s artificial background image.

Note: Sorry for the inconvenience.I’m running out of time. I need to cut my time uploading more photos, hence, I’ve missed to explain some photography facts. It’s just a photography tecnique to produce a unique photos, just like these. How did I do it? I will soon explain to my next post. Hoping you’ll visit again and view for more…

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Honeybee pollinating a flower in the garden  front of Petronas TowerKuala Lumpur Malaysia

Honeybee pollinating a flower in front of the Philippine Airlines runaway of airport.

A stunning honeybee pollinating a flower in a very beautiful setting, The location;  Boracay Beach Resort,Philippines.

Honeybee in the field.

Honeybee in front of the Blue Beach in Hawaii.

Honeybee pollinating a flower ainthe terrace garden of a high rise building. 

Honeybee pollinating a flower in front of the beach in Hawaii.

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