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Mount banahaw 2019

By on April 25, 2019

Mount banahaw or Bundok ng Dambana is an extinct volcano and the tallest mountain in CALABARZON region. It is located inside the protected area between Quezon and Laguna. This mountain is considered as sacred, it is a popular place for the pilgrims and mountain trekkers.

Mount banahaw is an inviting place for contemplation and prayer, it is also a welcome place for believers to embrace peaceful moment of meditation and devotion. During Lenten season, many believers trek to this mountain, they believed that the miracle water in Mount Banahaw will essentially cure everything, can cure all diseases and water from Mount Banahaw now in a bottle.

Mount Banaha/Bundok ng Dambana

Mount Banahaw is visible in many areas, I took this picture inside the van while passing through picturesque route, so far, it’s the most enjoyable route going to Kamay ni Hesus, another healing church In Lucban Quezon.

If you are seeking  for a sacred spiritual experience, Mount Banahaw is the place to head for. There’s a basic rules and guidelines to strictly regulate activities of mountain trekkers and pilgrims, it was set up after a forest fire broke last year that destroyed  35 hectares of grasslands. You need to secure a permit now, no permit, no camping.

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