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Internet Addiction

By on July 7, 2011

Internet addiction is a common problem

Like teenagers his age, a family friend realized that he had a serious problem after he found himself playing online games and visiting Facebook for more than 8 hours a day.His parents allowed him to play for only an hour each day.Soon after,He realized that it wasn’t enough for him.He’s craving for more that he can’t even find time during weekends.When parents are asleep, he secretly play online games for the night till morning.For him,It was a pleasant feeling that he found himself hard to log–off. Now,His grades and health are suffering.It’s just beginning to be seen as a serious problem after flunking out from school. He decided himself to reform and convert himself into a new changes.He spent most of his time reading,playing tennis with friends and enjoying with family members.

What do you think? Do not think it is already too late for him! To some. They believed we cannot undo our sinful past. You might not believe this. Two years after, He’s now ready to a new kind of life, embarking a new beginning. He had given up what he used to do in the past. It was a dramatic changes He was able to graduate a degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He is currently working in a prestigious company. He also made himself busy during spare time and during weekends being with loved ones and family members. He  stayed away from bad gangs and from old vices. He only comes online for good but, with a very limited time.

Admittedly, His success cannot be attained without the help and support of his parents. All parents wants to pass their passion, intelligence, and skills to their offspring and make their children learn from their experience in order to succeed.

But I know, my friend however, aren’t the only people who can develop an internet addiction. It might also be me or you! This is common now especially to teenagers. People who spent time using online retail, social and gambling sites can all develop addictions.It is so intense that you never really have to leave the house, interact with friends and family members anymore. I’m just wondering how medical professionals react to this problems.Lately, I read it in the newspaper about the same case. I was shocked again to know that going online stimulates the brain and that a chemical produces a good feelings not only to activities online but also to non- internet users. For some,They have taken steps to address it and on the other hand, not a serious problem.And for me, It might become a threat! Time to log-off now.

A piece of advice for our young internet users.Avoid online gaming and limit your time online.Learn lessons from failures.



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