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Grrrr! Chain Letter

By on November 29, 2013

Is this a bad joke? Is it real? I’m scared and confused to read my morning text messages. It was such a long message I’ve received first hour in the morning.It was a chain letter. If you get out of bed just to receive such mess, you’ll want to wake me up with such stupid foolishness? What a bad morning breakfast! While resting, it will affect your mood that may cause irritation.

The chain text messages came from a friend,I asked her who made that message,according to her,”It was passed on from a relative and from there,it was passed to another and from an unknown abnormal source. It was spread through all mobile users to scare everyone. They really believed that bad luck will happen and a bad scare of accidents and health related warnings if you will not follow instructions and all the rules, something good luck comes to you.

However,I never believe to such foolishness,I”ll  never reply to this so, chain would stop.  If you receive something like this? Just let it go and delete it! That letter can even makes you paranoid. Whoever made this chain letter are quiet abnormal people. If a texter from unknown source can give the best of words,that would be better. I don’t know why people instead of sending the best they can,they are doing foolish things they can. Please stop your stupid foolishness!!! Excuse me for being so unkind. I want to set my writing to a silent mode now.

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