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New Year Countdown to 2014 – Eastwood City

By on January 5, 2014

IMG_1060 copy

December 31, 2013, New Year Countdown to 2014 at Eastwood City  

People in the Philippines set-off fireworks to mark the end of the year and to welcome the new start. The noisier, the merrier it is. Night sky was alive with the crackling noises of whistles, honking of car horns, ringing of bells, flashing of cellphone lights is done traditionally every year to drive away evil spirits.

Crowd gathered at Eastwood to witness the 2014 countdown. It was a midnight noise to wake up everyone and be merry for the New year 2014. Tourists from all over the world came to celebrate and witness how the year ends. American Idol Jessica Sanchez is back in the city to perform and lead the New year countdown to 2014 with other local performers; Bamboo, Mitoy to name a few.  Fireworks display draws thousands of people from different nationalities; Koreans,Indians, Turkish and many more. I was there to document the whole event. With the loud sounds and noises, I’m sure no bad spirit will stay alive, only good would be left around.

 Here’s some shots taken during the countdown to 2014

(Click on image to view larger)

IMG_1214 copy


IMG_0964 copy

Lots of people taking pictures of the delightful and sparkling fireworks display that filled the night sky.

IMG_1061 copy

Beautiful hands upward! Full of people taking pictures.

IMG_0952 copy

Flying balloons! Clusters of white balloons set off above the sky.

IMG_1059 copy


IMG_0929 copy


20140101_000710 copy


20140101_000802 copy


IMG_0956 copy


IMG_1131 copy

Fireworks showering to brighten the night sky.

IMG_1139 copy


IMG_1095 copy


IMG_1202 copy


IMG_1142 copy


IMG_1200 copy

It’s year 2015 now and again, looking forward to another loud noises soon to end the existing year. ”Happy New Year Everyone! 

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December More

By on October 30, 2013

IMG_1396 copy

Blue Christmas Wreath

Month of December is fast approaching. It’s 7 weeks before Christmas. The long vacation will surely give me a break to unwind after the busy schedule. December time gives me the opportunity to bond with friends and relatives,so much more excited to photograph the great attractions of places everywhere loaded with fun activities.I will again experience wonderful Christmas creations that will reveal the story behind the special attractions. Oh ! I almost forget the Halloween will come in day’s time. It’s another enjoyable event to attend too.

Lighting of Christmas bulbs in the city,all the parks blazing like a star bright in the evening,it’s a gift of light. Once again. I will witness wonderful creations of Christmas decorations such as; Huge christmas trees, display of adorned and colorful floats, attractive Christmas bells and garlands, Electronic float parade, Amusement parks, The lighting of Meralco decorated like a fairy tale settings, Greenhills mannequin show,  Fireworks display, so many beautiful things and enjoyable happenings. I usually photographed these events every year, It’s already my practice. All the  City parks was fabulously and brilliantly adorned with Christmas decorations.I’m excited,it’s just like  travelling through time. I just can’t wait for this month to come.

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