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Halloween Night, The Power of Darkness

By on October 30, 2012

The creepy characters are very busy wandering around for their next victim and tonight, means  business.

I just started photographing horrible images 3 days ago for my Halloween edition and I’m happy to feature and share it with you.It’s something that the kids would love for a trick or treat?Get the trick for tonight but, don’t forget to keep your lights on for the whole night.My creepy and horrible images is suppose to be fun for everyone,but, take the risk and responsibility to view it.

Others, they share the dreams to find unbelievable creatures.Some articles published about the find,but I think, it is beyond the realm of reality until proven about those findings?One eyewitness account,one of these horrible creatures does exist.I’ve been following the strange story because of curiosity and avid interest to know more about it.They even identified it to be real with basis of information and proof of  photographs, althought, it has been ignored and questioned by many.It has been terrifying to be real one. The chance and discovery to find one is rare. Is it a fact? or it’s just a tale of  myth and legends? To the scientist out there,Is there any clear proof about horrible creatures?

But, for now,What you can see here is a fake  model of a real life monsters, Yikes! Goosebumps! Capture your own imagination,innermost fears and fantasies.Which one is your choice? Which one scares you?Whatever,Just shake,rattle and roll!

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