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Weird-Shaped Radish

By on October 26, 2020

It’s unusual to come across veggies that are outfitted with peculiar characteristics, and the sight of a completely white radish with an atypical form is an interesting example. Vegetables can develop into a strange bizarre form due to environmental conditions, and most farmers have to deal with this kind of difficulty at some point throughout harvest season.

In the same family as turnips and mustard, radishes are among the simplest plants to cultivate for their peppery edible roots. The giant winter variety and the long variations are the two sorts of radishes available. Grown for use in salads and vegetable soup, usually eaten while they are fresh and tender.

Other radish produced strangely funny features but remarkably unusual. It’s quiet amusing! My best example, the long variety in form which is common in the supermarket. Instead of growing long and straight, it produces unusual course and abnormal fibrous in form.

These vegetables are a comical gag gift that look like a human limb has been split in half when there is an issue with their growth.

 Thank you for stopping by, I love to share funny vegetable features.

Stay safe and healthy!

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