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By on March 19, 2013

The Gypsy moth caterpillar is a garden pest that resembles the looks of a cacti.The close-up images shows the over all external features that it has needle-like spines and brisly hair-like spines too. Although many species of worms has hair that looks like spines,the hair is soft and considerably smooth to touch. This is to protect them from predators.Great numbers of gypsy moth caterpillars in the garden is a total damage to the leaves of plants and trees. I found these caterpillars eating the leaf of an atis tree(a fruit tree), peppers the leaves leaving the with big holes and sometimes, consumming everything leaving only skeleton of a leaf.

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IMG_2025 copy

This is the most stunning and stylish worms I’ve ever seen. The short hairdo at the top is delightfully a hairstyle.The appearance of the greenish body is just like a branching ribs.

IMG_2029 copy

Appearing on this image above, the Gypsy moth caterpillar’s body has a radial and needle-like spines which is soft.

IMG_2031 copy

Looks like a real cacti.

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