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Flowering Bulbs

By on April 13, 2012

It’s a morning routine to take a walk through the garden garden and check what’s new! It gives me the welcome feeling of coolness and spaciousness. My frequent visitors around; bees,caterpillars, butterflies, and humming birds.Today is a  big surprise! A multi flowers blooming and waving gracefully following the direction of the wind. Don’t forget to click on images to view larger.

Scadoxus multiflorus.This is a flowering bulb actively growing underground that blooms only once a year.It’s a summer bloomer! Bringing a new bloom in the garden creates a mystic feeling.

It’s summertime,this is clearly the season to do some serious looking and caring in the garden.I prefer a garden that looks natural although, my garden is not that big enough to plant other varieties of flowering plants. I’m planning to expand in order to create more spaces for other garden accents. It needs a little renovation in the patio. It requires a shade to block the direct sunlight, to protect the existing plants which is too sensitive to sunlight.For the plants, I prefer flowering plants with a minimum maintenance and a tree to create a shade for a purpose. This summer is the time to what needs to be done in the garden.I love all kinds of flowering plants as long as it looks attractive and the flowers quite beautiful.

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