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By on January 16, 2014

Meralco compound shines again, Knowing what to expect for this year 2013, Meralco bringing the gift of light for everyone.The light as a symbol of hope for good upbringing and a brighter future to behold. Maliwanag ang Pasko is a project to light up city parks in the Philippines, a project that gives a scent of hope and happiness ahead.

The intention of the project shines through.You’ll witness the creation of the night just like in the  holy land, the refreshing sound of Christmas carols playing continuously, creating a romantic atmosphere to feel the scent of Christmas spirit.

Although, many concluded that this year 2013 was a bad year for us. Many people in the south were effected by Super typhoon” Yolanda” that hit the Philippines months ago. It was the world’s strongest storm on record, the deadliest ever putting the dead count at almost 6,000 according to reports and still counting because others still missing up to this time. It’s so sad to think that majority were children. You can just imagine, the  foul odor of dead bodies everywhere, the mass burial on the deep ground seen publicly on television and newspapers nationwide. Many groups have put up donation centers for Yolanda’s victims. Thank you very much for the kind donations.This year, mostly our gifts goes directly to the typhoon victims, sparing some gifts intended for personal friends. I just hope they will understand this cause, the spirit of Christmas works and blessings from above will shower for them. Many typhoon victims was relocated from the South to Manila. Some of them visited Meralco with the nuns, to see the brilliant lights will surely give them a brighter outlook in life. After the tragedy, as I have mentioned in the past posts that we continue to live and hope for a good life, we continue to do what is right and have faith in him, God will always direct the good way for us.  I just hope and pray that it will never happen again.

After giving help and support to the typhoon victims, it’s time to start all over again. Christmas time is a gift giving that everyone on this day are happy for the presents they had received especially the children, Christmas toys, food and money are given to the children of typhoon victims.

Of course , I feel the warmth to do this kind of activity to share, not only my thoughts, hopes and dreams but also to capture vivid shots for you. It’s my way of sharing , just a sort of close interaction for my readers.I just hope you’ll enjoy reading my experience as well as my night photography too.

Let’s get started! Here’s some shots taken before the holiday season.

The main entrance,visitors greeted with splendid lights lined along the way. Both sides,sparkling with different colors of light. The whole place was brilliant.

(Click on images to view larger)

DSC03309 copy

Meralco building adorned with big lanterns hanging overhead.

DSC03368 copy

The Meralco logo can be seen at the center.

DSC03317 copy

DSC03204 copy

The bold Christmas greetings,”Maligayang Pasko” means Merry Christmas.

DSC03130 copy

The giant Christmas tree that changes colors of light continuously.

DSC03392 copy

The ”Holy family” Mary,Joseph and Baby Jesus.

DSC03018 copy

DSC03015 copy

A huge space for the ”Holy family.”

DSC03297 copy

The chapel.

DSC03205 copy

In the bible,  The 3 kings holding gifts; Gaspar, Melchor and Baldazar brought gold, myrrh and Frankincense to the newborn Jesus.

DSC03194 copy

The first view, looks like a real one. It’s a life sized replica.

DSC03279 copy

The King pointing the direction of the star.

DSC03283 copy

DSC03275 copy

Christmas lights brighten the whole area.

DSC03201 copy

DSC03199 copy

DSC03197 copy

DSC03026 copy

DSC03111 copy

The Tsu Tsu train is a treat for the children.It’s a free ride for the kids.

DSC03366 copy

All corners was decorated with Christmas lights, it was full of bulb that glitters.

DSC03138 copy

DSC03073 copy

The Christmas houses, its just like a Toyland.

DSC03057 copy

DSC03094 copy

DSC03076 copy

DSC03324 copy

I’ve captured this from a distance.

DSC03347 copy

DSC03362 copy

DSC03313 copy

DSC03263 copy

DSC03206 copy

To avoid the crowd,Plenty of options. I keep on moving from far distance to get a good view. But still, It is tough to wait for the people to empty the place. They all took time to appreciate everything. Meralco compound is huge with a beautiful landscape, it was all adorned with Christmas decorations and lights. The night ended after an hour and I was exhausted. I’ll be back to visit Meralco again soon.

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on December 17, 2013

My 3rd year to witness and follow the annual parade, Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade last Sunday at the same venue, in front of SM Hypermarket. From here, parading all the way going Pasig City Hall for the dance competition. I missed these part, I was already tired after photographing all the floats. The entire venue filled with too many people and overcrowded. I can’t control the flow of crowd to move a little bit. They took time appreciating every float.

Just like the past years 2011 and 2012, It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials. All floats represented 13 different movie theme Disneyland such as; Hello Kitty, Esmeralda, Puss in Boots, Tinkerbell, Despicable me, Cinderella, Rio, Turbo, Iron Man, Bug’s Life and Turbo. What a superb choice for other floats ! They have a good choice to pick up feminine side on ”Cinderella and Tinkerbell. Those lovely ladies portraying the roles of the said theme were amazingly beautiful. The costume was so glamorous and it was almost perfect! I guess, the costume was costly, huh!

Let’s check all 13 floats and see the result of the event last Sunday! Of course ! it’s gonna be Night Photography shots. The parade started to move around 6 pm.

(Click on images to view larger)

DSC02577 copy

”Hello Kitty” Float

DSC02868 copy

”Esmeralda” float

DSC02775 copy

”Puss in Boots” float


”Rio” float

DSC02862 copy

”Tinkerbell” float

DSC02648 copy

”Turbo” float

DSC02749 copy

”Bugs life” float

DSC02673 copy

”Cinderella” float

DSC02696 copy

”Aladdin” float

DSC02712 copy

”Iron Man” float

DSC02737 copy


DSC02758 copy


DSC02794 copy

The night event was well-organized.The Rotarians and sponsors really worked hard lending surprises and for the students to participate and show their hidden talent in dancing.

In the Philippines, you can just imagine, after the super typhoon ”Yolanda” and the destruction. How about the negative issues about our country? The gossip about here and there, non- stop everywhere. We are certain not to lose Christmas spirit, we still continue to focus to what we are doing for the goodness of life, no matter how many ”Yolandas” and ”Ondoys” come to our lives, we got a positive outlook and believe to continue with our hopes and dreams especially Christmas time is a season of sharing and entertaining. So far, I’m online to share a bit of entertainment for you. Click all photos to forget the burdens of life. LOL!

My Holiday greetings to everyone! Merry, Merry Christmas to all !

Note: I forgot the name of the last 3 floats. I’m sorry…

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions

Christmas Greetings

By on December 11, 2013

It’s again the season for sharing. Pick a gift and get started giving.  Celebrate Christmas with fun and beyond… Get ready kids, Santa again is coming to town. It’s a holiday cheers and memories before the year ends.  ”Happy Holidays Everyone”

(Click on image to view larger)

DSC01409 copy

A  special delivery greetings for you. Here’s Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New year to all! 

Note: I did it on my own. That’s the giant Christmas tree I took around the city. There’s a lot more to view soon. More Christmas photos to come.

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