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Bird Watching / Manila Bay

By on October 17, 2014

IMG_1766 copy

Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard is a natural harbour.

Seeing wonders right before my eyes is a burst of inspiration. One of the best pastime when it comes to  relaxation is to capture the flying moments of these water birds. Seagulls, egrets, kingfishers and other seabirds  seems to be following each other looking for a place to rest. Other birds floating on water and diving through to catch a small fish.

If you walk around and brings you to a sight which you can feel while watching it, This is it, you’ll experience the serenity here, Manila Bay, Roxas Boulevard is the best spot. While watching the sun sink descending in the horizon, birds flew endlessly across the bay, it flew and flew until they get tired following the direction of the wind.

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