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Apple Green Flowers

By on November 23, 2013

It’s Sunday today,  I don’t have the time to write due to the schedule planned earlier. I’m quiet loaded with family activities during Sundays. It’s a Sunday routine to be with the family,just a quality time for them. However, for the meantime, time like these when I’m busy, I usually post images done earlier. It’s good I was able to shoot some pictures in advance for storage. I know, this time will come, I can just retrieve all pictures to my storage and post it.It’s easier when you planned earlier and getting ready all the time. Here’s some green background photos! Have a happy Sunday everyone!

DSC09351 copy


DSC09338 copy


DSC09340 copy


DSC09333 copy

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Snapshots in the City

By on November 2, 2011

Everytime I go out, I always bring my camera with me. As much as possible, I want to document beautiful places I’ve been to and keep memories with me forever.Photographing assorted landscapes in and out of the city is my current task these days.I’ve been doing these all the time especially during my free time. It’s just a hobby never to miss the opportunity to capture every details of magnificent places. I’m not a photographer but you may want to call me an ‘’amateur’’ instead. That’s fine. I’m trying my best and still learning. Nowadays, Sophisticated cameras can make photography easier than ever before. It’s  even easier now  to shoot unfamiliar places.The only problem I have encountered is the intense sunlight especially under a bright sunny sky. Anyway,I just want to achieve not a perfect one but, a better one. Let me show you some of the photographs taken around Metro Manila lately.  I have made a little clean-up and it looks more better.

View of the church. Taken around while driving around the city. Check the other picture,You’ll see the adjustment I’ve made. (Click on image to view larger)

The fish-eye effect.

There’s no harm trying to beautify your own pictures as long as it’s a real take. Even some of the pictures you’ll  see on newspapers, magazines are already edited and well-cleaned. It’s already a common practice wayback long time ago.There were other landscape scenes taken around. You can check next post.


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