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Cabbage White Butterfly

By on November 9, 2015

Cabbage White Butterfly

I really thought that it was a moth because of its size and pale shade of colors but to distinguish accurately the curious feature of this species is that butterflies has different colorful patterns on their wings that folds vertically side ward. From details of photos below, you can see how they hold their wings vertically while pollinating the flower.

There are many different species in the garden mostly tiny-like creatures usually found in the backyard and others generally found on neglected plants. Flowers here particularly to be damaged because of their presence as they are considered as garden pests too. I don’t have enough time to drive all these insects, nature will soon eliminate them and disappear. Particular attention for butterflies as frequent visitors, they come on the same time to pollinate the flowers, definitely it’s a great asset for the day! 

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White Butterfly

By on July 8, 2013

Summer has passed,the same kind of butterfly visited our garden.For almost a month now, very few care to visit in the morning,I guess, it was it was driven by the constant rain showers in the morning and most of the day,it’s foggy and cloudy and that, the sun barely appeared.

Only these kind of butterflies has the courage to visit. I took  some snapshots with different angles during their daily visit, I just don’t know it if it’s the same butterfly who came to visit yesterday. Previously, I’ve completed the photos of butterfly life cycle.It took some time for me to make the completion because it was hard to determine their real eggs.So far,I’ve gathered few to complete my details about species around.

These white butterfly has rounded wings which makes it different from other butterflies around. The butterfly was quiet small and very active, it was  tough to photograph these tiny little thinge even though it is small, it looks bigger enough to view it in close-up.

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