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Sunset Gallery – Manila Bay


Nature putting together the many shades and tone of colors with glitz and brightly colored hues of  orange, violet, blue, orange, red, yellow and pink. Variety of colors gives a brilliant result in photography. I’ve captured different angles of sunset in different locations, virtually a wild and unexplored regions is something precious but the fascinating site to photograph the sunset in Philippines are Manila Bay, Bayview and Harbour View park, these 3 locations seems to be the ” Photographer’s Backyard”

The best time to capture? March is generally recognized as the beginning of summer, this maybe a driven month from March to May, it’s the best time for sunset shooting and landscape photography. Sunset is a great subject even though it will only lasts for minutes but still the best way to document is through snapshots, it is only in pictures are the accurate way of presenting the beauty of sunset, closer view showing various color features would be truly revealed.

Lets review some of my sunset photos taken before sundown at Manila Bay  (Roxas Blvd, Manila, Luzon, Philippines) 15 Photos All original and natural photos of sunset

Note: ( Click on all images to view larger )


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