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New system of education makes life easier now. Before, it’s quite hard and complicated when it comes to studying.We write longer and consume more time doing research work in school  and National library.The travelling time going to some places to research, long traffic congestion makes you bored to just sit down for hours. Certainly, you’ll consume more time in travelling that makes life a burden.

During my time, academic teachers take  more time on writing to the board than explaining the main subject. Certainly, that will lessen the class participation and interaction. You can just imagine, So little time, so many writings. Now, there’s a TV in the classroom with a big screen.The teacher will just click to showcase while explaining. The students can even enjoy more reading it because of informative features that you see on the wide screen.Today, teachers don’t have to spend much to get hands on the long board. The PC and the internet,WI-FI is always available for easy access to the internet.The modern technology contributes to the speed of learning. It’s practically saving more time and effort that will work both ways.

How fast time flies ! The flow of transformation from hard to easy system.You can now research online and instruct your PC to do all the work for you. How about the electronic notebook designed for learners? What do you think?  If you compare the system of education today from yesterday,it’s  easier  now. For the teachers and students? Less worries and stress. Absolutely, the old ways would be a primitive one.



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It was a bright and beautiful sunny day but,For all of us,the pain is too great to bear”. My Tita Nena’s journey in heaven is a very meaningful and special memories to recall.It adds more loneliness to view the peaceful and serene resting place.

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 Sanctuary of Peace (Tuguegarao Memorial Park). Taken during the burial of Tita Nena.

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White color balloons ..up up and away, until it disappeared out of sight.

IMG_7250 copy

The grandchildren holding the balloons before releasing, as they pay their last respects. You can clearly see the balloons was even marked,”We love you Lola Nena”. Pamela(center) holding the picture of Tita Nena.

IMG_7290 copy

We firmly believed that these white balloons will direct the right path and guide our aunt on her journey in heaven.

IMG_7285 copy

The final goodbye.The private burial rites and the burial site of Tita Nena. 

Wherever you may be,We will always remember you,We love you and you will always be alive in our hearts!”May you rest in peace”.

My blog as my expression of grief and sadness over the death of our own aunt.It was really difficult to write with heavy loads of emotional feeling.My tears flowing down my cheeks while writing.I just can’t hold on to stop it. 


This is just the the Part 1 of these article. Full and complete pictures of Funeral mass and  Burial rite  to view soon. My apology for delaying these subject due to some markings,cropping and to resize multiple pictures. Part 2 to be continued next post.



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”Man carrying an orange”  is a creative craft using a whole piece of an orange,including the skin designed for the man carrying the fruit.

This is a funny art that makes you laugh but for me, it is an illustration of a worrisome sign of a man depicting a situation living in a highly competitive world. These small boy carrying something which is too heavy for his own weight is an example on how man can tolerate the hardship of a slow growth,more dependent on themselves in order to get a good juice.Probably, it’s a difficult world to live in ,so we need to get stronger and smarter to get in there.



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Sunday is the best time to shop. It’s my Sunday habit to do all buying of foods and grocery items good enough for the whole week. I want to have enough food in the house to get dinner on the table ready. Last Sunday,I was in the Supermarket, while busy selecting foods, a girl in the fruit section invited me to sample some of their fruits for the day.They were giving out fruit choice to be sampled, got everyone to get free samples of Kiwis, grapes, oranges and yellow/red watermelon.I prefer the red watermelon,got my attention because it looks so fresh and inviting.

I remember when I was 10 years old, my mama is always telling me to refrain from any seeds of the fruit. She keeps on telling me that ”if i eat the seeds,then, the seeds will grow in my stomach”. I wasn’t even scared at that time but bit confused. Night time comes, I was thinking and imagining if in case, I will eat the seeds and will surely grow inside, and as it grows, the leaves might comes out of my mouth. I was so terrified thinking about that,What if I accidentally ate one without even knowing it?

I was only a kid at that time and so premature to think about everything.As the result? I bought a whole piece of red watermelon and it was so refreshing !It seems, during those times, I was the only kid bothered by that. Today, I simply smile to remember all those funny things in life. It was just a funny stuff to remember till this day. LOL!



Here’s Live Life and Love wishing you all, ”Happy Valentine’s day” February is a month of Love. February 14 is Valentine’s day.It was named after the 3rd century old martyr St. Valentine. This day is celebrated with lovely flowers,chocolate cards and any token of love.This is the right time to show,appreciate and thank your loved ones, but, how do you express it?to let them know that you love them?

One way to make someone special on Valentine’s day is to send them a memorable and personalized greetings card.To create your own greetings card is more appreciated than buying the fancy stuffs.A card made on your own is more dedicated that you can put your artistic skills and creativity.Making on your own Valentine’s card will make them feel better knowing you made a bit difference from the rest. This is the best way to inspire your loved ones that will lead to a creative you. Since we are all part of it,let’s work together.

Here’s how to make it a beautiful Valentine’s card


Gather all the lovely Valentine related stuffs

heart-shaped boxes

any accessories,(any sizes and shapes)

fancy colored ribbons

rainbow stone charms

small jewelry box

attractive toys

Bond paper or any colored paper or card board


How to make it:

* Spread a bond paper or any colored card board on the table and arrange all the stuffs on it.Arrange them orderly in a creative manner.You can arrange it and disarrange to get a good view.

* Be ready with your camera and photographed it.Make it attractive.Pay attention to color combinations, the more colorful,the better it is.

* Upload pictures to the computer.

* Watermark the images using photoshop. Design a beautiful art, make texts effect and colored texture.

This is a simple Valentine’s card

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IMG_1661 copy


IMG_1645 copy



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Here’s Live Life and Love wishing you all, ”KUNG HEI FAT CHOI”  It’s the Lunar year of the water snake.A new year to face challenges again. Chinese New Year will start Feb.10.Those born in the year of the Horse,Rat and Ox are the luckiest for this year.Since this is the lucky year for you especially to those superstitious and believers in Chinese Astrology,it is the season to be merry admittedly, everybody is happy and Chinese majority.This year would bring abundance of money,good luck in love and healthy living. This is what life is all about,Full of surprises.

IMG_1374 copy

The Philippine Green Dragon group performed the traditional Dragon and Lion dance during the Chinese new year. The loud sounds of the drums,cymbals and gongs is use to drive away evil spirits. 

Snake characteristics;silent,patient,alert,powerful and dangerous. Influences by, those who were born on this year will inherit the traits of an animal ruling over life. Based on the background, One characteristic of a snake is poisonous. Does it mean? it brings danger to? As we humans do not like to think about the danger part, about the earth’s crust that the world is going to end,disasters,avalaches,devastating floods,droughts and famines. We also hate to think about bad health,accidents,bankruptcy,work irregularity and other frustrations to name a few.Is it a proven scientific concept?

IMG_1321 copy

Animals thought,brings good luck as well as bad luck too ! Is it better to leave animal bad behavior and take only the good ones?Others, they use powerful animals for campaign posters and made animal symbols very popular.I’m not here to question Western culture, however, I still believe in the power of prayers and faith. Much more to consider, the determination to work harder in order to be successful.What if we just work hard and enjoy what life has to bring? I hope this year will be a productive and harmonious year for all of us !  ”Happy Chinese New Year Everyone !



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Here’s Live Life and Love wishing everyone.”A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all ! 

There were a lot of things to look forward to,2013  is a good year to start ! I hope this coming year would be a lucky year for all of us. Make new changes for the better and upgrade yourself. Anyway, What will you remember the past year 2012? Be optimistic this year ! Count your blessings and leave the bad memories behind,it was already a thing of the past. Upgrade yourself now. Be ready ! Opportunity will come !



The shortening of words in texting  is now a common practice.I don’t think the grammatarians will like it, as well as English teachers may not like the spelling altered.Others,They find it easier to type and understandable for easier and fast communication. It was a short cut lessening some words. Naturally, busy people on a rush are the ones who needs it.This is one good example on how it was altered.

This morning, I received a morning message from grandma. I was shocked,I thought it was an error message from someone. It was an internet slang word. I can’t believe grandma can do such thing considering her age as 72 years old.Is my grandma getting young at heart all over again back to childhood? Strange weird,isn’t it? My body goes cold at once! The message was so short and just 3 words, ” H r u ? Originally, it was written as How are you ? 2 weeks after, The original words (9 letters) was reduced making it to 5 letters again,omitted the 2 letters of the first word ”How’‘ and written as ”How r u ?” Now, it was reduced again to 3 letters remaining, ”H r u ?’‘ I don’t think she can reduce it all over again. I can’t even define it as a word with sense!

I can just do  the same thing too. OMG! Let’s LOL ! Nobody is too old for grandma! Getting tummy ache for laughing too hard.



Got to be very busy this week.I’m out of the city for a community work.I just received a very important call from my family and texts messages from friends that demands a quick reply.I’m using short-cuts,symbols for easy reply to some of my friends. Connecting thoughts without words is better than not to reply at all.My friends can understand details of it simply because we are already used to it.It is automatically generated anyway.It is easier to connect using facial expressions through symbols which doesn’t demand much time especially if your schedule is tight that you cannot attend to some texts.Sharing feelings using symbols is an expression of bonding for us. I’m aware that it is not good and informal.I’m not that too strict when it comes to short-cut messages. But, I never forget to become one when there’s a need too. It’s vital.

Whew! Thanks to my mobile phone and laptap,I can connect with them so quickly fast with no rules to follow.Mobile phone and Laptap is portable and very easy to carry.One advantage of technology, Whatever or whenever you are; in the most extreme places,in the mountains,in the middle of the sea, above the sky,or even inside the bathroom,power made it possible  to reach me at any given time of the day.

Thanks to technology! It keeps me in touch with them 24/7  sharing my up-to-date activities at present. To all my callers and texters ,with just hearing your voice alone and wonderful messages, All my stress are easily replaced with unexplained happiness throughout the day. How about the disadvantages? Oh,well! At this time, I’m enjoying the advantage of it. I just loved it. I will share some disadvantages next posts.  Opppps! It’s now twitter time.

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