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Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

By on March 18, 2019

The relaxing cable car ride that offers immeasurable charm of the whole Sun Moon Lake and the surroundings of Buji mountain forest. This is the most delightful way to enjoy the scenery of the famous lake. Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is a gondola lift that connects between two stations, the slow journey stretches towards southern part of Sun Moon Lake and ascends from Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village and continues up high above to the highest peak of Buji mountain forest that connects to the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway station.

All you have to do is to sit, relax and shoot while viewing the surroundings. This is not my first time to ride a cable car but the multitude sights all in one is a fascinating experience to share back home. The only problem here is the winter season haziness, the fog and mist definitely, it will challenge my photography skills.

If the Sun Moon Lake scenery is beautiful down there, the aerial view is more spectacular that gives you a different perspective on how the world looks like from above.

We are five inside the Crystal Clear Cabin, the trill to see the view through the bottom. If you are scared of height, don’t get the Crystal clear, take the regular one. ( Check details below about ticketing)

The cable car ride is really a spectacular mountain climber.

The glass bottom gondola offers the bird’s eye views of the entire Sun Moon Lake surroundings.

Isn’t it relaxing? Graham enjoying incredible views down there… Sun Moon Lake visible in the distance.

Enjoying the ride while making a spectacular daytime viewing.

You can clearly see here how it runs.

Our journey to the highest point above ground.

Aerial view of Sun Moon Lake taken from cable car

Sun Moon Lake visible from the right.

Complete Aerial Scenery of Sun Moon Lake

The serene winter colors of Sun Moon Lake, the gentle haziness of winter has transformed Sun Moon Lake into an impressive scene of reality that reaches perfection.

How to get there?

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

A starting point from the Shuishe pier Sun Moon Lake, When we were there, we took a boat ride at Shuishe Pier, there’s a regular service boat ( yacht) to visit places which run throughout the day at regular intervals.With passengers of different nationalities, the yacht is big enough to accommodate us. That time, almost all passengers were  Chinese Hongkong and Singaporeans, we made our first landing stop at Wen Wu temple for an hour and back to the boat and we proceed to Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

Landmark sign along the way.

We passed by here, still 500 m walk to reach Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station

This is my ticket, Adult for NT$300 round trip pass from Sun Moon Lake to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. 

Shueishe Pier Sun Moon Lake Tour Map. You need to pay special attention to this process 

Shueishe Pier, the man with blue polo is our tour guide and driver named Achie. Thank you so much Achie!

View from the yacht.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Station

Ticket Booth

You can choose between 2 classes; the regular cabin or the crystal glass cabin which is more expensive than the other.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Individual Ticketing. Buy tickets directly at the ticket Booth.

I know for sure, up there will reveal the beauty of the entire surroundings. I was so excited to ride, thinking to get such a good result of my aerial snapshots with the hope not to disappoint myself with the results.

No matter what, visiting Taiwan is never fun without going to this place. I’m having the advantage of enjoying the high altitude location. Traveling to me, means enjoying what it takes to experience….

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Car Park

Seeking a scenic ride with incredible views? Try

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway is a gondola lift in Yuchi Township, Nantou County,Taiwan

Taiwan’s most visited tourist attraction, the Sun Moon Lake
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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Memorable Moments of Summertime

By on August 16, 2017

One thing I never forget to bring home is the memorable moments from previous travels or road trips everywhere. One summertime moment that I absolutely treasured is this beautiful cliffside. I was once here with a camera on hand spending a quiet afternoon on top of a cliff watching the amazing nature scene. In here, you’ll never run out of nature’s beauty like the beautiful coastline between the mountains and the sea overlooking Marina and Tali beach. In  addition, the amazing flame of the sunset reflections to color the whole surroundings, you don’t need to go further out there, the good location serves as the  best advantage to take more pictures in one area.

Here’s sharing just a few of my memorable moments of summertime, it was fun and exciting to capture the beauty of nature around us, a scene like these provides spiritual escape from the troubles of the mundane world.

Somewhere here in Cliff Jump site Nasugbu, Batangas, towards the sea, there’s a stunning cliffside house. (First photo above) For me, this is one good example of exceptional architectural design. Life on the edge of a cliff,  it’s the best advantage to see the panoramic view of the surroundings; from sunrise to sunset, your spirit will rise to see the rolling waves and flying fishes down there, to see jet skis, speed boat raising, banana rides to name a few…

A simple but  beautiful house on a hillside, it’s a seaside house with a well- manicured landscape. This is one good example of achieving the impression of spaciousness, it looks wider and bigger with the 2 big trees in front with the warm season green grass forming a mat, there’s no over-crowding out here. Spacious ground serves as a good playing field for the kids. According to senior landscapers, the major mistake of some gardeners if they plant and install too many effects and features are crammed into a confined space. That’s irritating to see!

Cliffside scattered rock formations down there.

One last aerial photography, a panoramic view down there. I was here beside the big tree waiting for the sunset time. When an adventure begins and suddenly ends up after 5 pictures, I would be very happy to  to show you more great adventures of mine  next posts…

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