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By on February 11, 2013

Here’s Live Life and Love wishing you all, ‘‘KUNG HEI FAT CHOI”  It’s the Lunar year of the water snake. A new year to face challenges again. Chinese New Year will start Feb.10.Those born in the year of the Horse, Rat and Ox are the luckiest for this year.Since this is the lucky year for you especially to those superstitious and believers in Chinese Astrology, it is the season to be merry admittedly, everybody is happy and Chinese majority.This year would bring abundance of money, good luck in love and healthy living. This is what life is all about, Full of surprises.

Snake characteristics; silent, patient, alert, powerful and dangerous. Influences by, those who were born on this year will inherit the traits of an animal ruling over life. Based on the background, One characteristic of a snake is poisonous. Does it mean? it brings danger to? As we humans do not like to think about the danger part, about the earth’s crust that the world is going to end, disasters, avalanches, devastating floods, droughts and famines. We also hate to think about bad health, accidents, bankruptcy, work irregularity and other frustrations to name a few. Is it a proven scientific concept?

Animals thought, brings good luck as well as bad luck too ! Is it better to leave animal bad behavior and take only the good ones?Others, they use powerful animals for campaign posters and made animal symbols very popular.I’m not here to question Western culture, however, I still believe in the power of prayers and faith. Much more to consider, the determination to work harder in order to be successful.What if we just work hard and enjoy what life has to bring? I hope this year will be a productive and harmonious year for all of us !  ”Happy Chinese New Year Everyone !

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