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Pollination: Honeybees Upside Down Position

By on August 31, 2017

It’s honeybee  olympics,”The Insect Olympics,” Let me show you some exciting and incredible tricks of the honeybees, you’ll see the worker bee performing some great deal of balance in the air while pollinating the flowers. Having a hard time reaching the nectar, honeybees turn their bodies upside down position, the easiest approach and most comfortable way to collect nectar but only a few can…

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Sunset Taken On Board a Vessel

By on August 20, 2017

Weather has a powerful influence when photographing a sunset sometimes, whirlwinds of black clouds blown away. When temperature drops, high winds begin to move very fast blocking the sunset and masses of black clouds reduces the amount of radiance.

From the higher viewpoint, the mass of black clouds formation is a dramatic element, rain will surely comes after sundown however, it’s just a temporary blocking but as you can see, the orange reflections above can still be viewed from afar.

Sunset taken on board a vessel- Strait of Malacca, Indonesia

Sailing Photography

At lower viewpoint, Down there, the sun appeared at full dramatic view with an strangely-shaped masses of black columns at the background. It was a warmth evening glow!

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How do Carpenter bees Pollinate Flowers?

By on August 18, 2017

When a carpenter bee (Bubuyog) visits the flower, it pushes its way into the tube like bell petals in order to sip the nectar. Most of our flowering plants have large flowers specifically fitted for the insect pollination but the bell petals simply the easiest to pollinate. In doing so, they transfer the pollen from one flower to another, the transfer of pollen is called ”cross pollination”

The interesting part to show you here is the process of step-by-step pollination done by a certain carpenter bee.This is quiet hard for me to photograph while observing the bees, the good part, I’ve completed the whole process. As shown, this is how a small carpenter bee pollinate a flower

The first step

The second step

The third step, the small carpenter bee will stay for a minute to pollinate and come back again to pollinate the same flower, the bee comes and go for at least a hundred times a day.

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Memorable Moments of Summertime

By on August 16, 2017

One thing I never forget to bring home is the memorable moments from previous travels or road trips everywhere. One summertime moment that I absolutely treasured is this beautiful cliffside. I was once here with a camera on hand spending a quiet afternoon on top of a cliff watching the amazing nature scene. In here, you’ll never run out of nature’s beauty like the beautiful coastline between the mountains and the sea overlooking Marina and Tali beach. In  addition, the amazing flame of the sunset reflections to color the whole surroundings, you don’t need to go further out there, the good location serves as the  best advantage to take more pictures in one area.

Here’s sharing just a few of my memorable moments of summertime, it was fun and exciting to capture the beauty of nature around us, a scene like these provides spiritual escape from the troubles of the mundane world.

Somewhere here in Cliff Jump site Nasugbu, Batangas, towards the sea, there’s a stunning cliffside house. (First photo above) For me, this is one good example of exceptional architectural design. Life on the edge of a cliff,  it’s the best advantage to see the panoramic view of the surroundings; from sunrise to sunset, your spirit will rise to see the rolling waves and flying fishes down there, to see jet skis, speed boat raising, banana rides to name a few…

A simple but  beautiful house on a hillside, it’s a seaside house with a well- manicured landscape. This is one good example of achieving the impression of spaciousness, it looks wider and bigger with the 2 big trees in front with the warm season green grass forming a mat, there’s no over-crowding out here. Spacious ground serves as a good playing field for the kids. According to senior landscapers, the major mistake of some gardeners if they plant and install too many effects and features are crammed into a confined space. That’s irritating to see!

Cliffside scattered rock formations down there.

One last aerial photography, a panoramic view down there. I was here beside the big tree waiting for the sunset time. When an adventure begins and suddenly ends up after 5 pictures, I would be very happy to  to show you more great adventures of mine  next posts…

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20 Best Pictures of Double Flowering Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

By on August 10, 2017

Anyone interested to beautify their own surroundings should consider a good promising looking plant with fascinating flowers like Hibiscus, it seems to be back in fashion nowadays. I’ve seen them around; in house gardens and public parks. It’s a good stunning display outdoors. A huge stone pots of Hibiscus lined along the sitting area of commercial establishments nearby, it’s the perfect choice for the gardeners as it blends effectively with other flowers.

As majority of plants are sun lovers, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis among one, they prefer a direct bright sunlight and cool night temperature, an easy choice for the landscapers. Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis or Gumamela glossy evergreen foliage shrubs up to more than 14 feet tall, flowers can be single or double with a flaring bell petals and distinctive column of yellow stamens, other varieties has ruffled thin petals that resembles the Maple flower. It is available in wide range of  varieties and colors; purple, bright red, orange, fuchsia, white, hot pink, vivid pink, deep orange, reddish-purple, reddish-orange, peach, yellow, yellowish-pink and reddish-white spotted 2 color combinations.

Down there, the 20 pictures of Double Flowering Rosa Sinensis illustrate the various colors of Hibiscus, all colors are cheerfully attractive, it provides me the opportunity to photograph it the same day before flowering ends. Is gardening effort effective? How can you keep the flowers if it’s only a day bloomers? Just a bit effort from me to document it, these pictures serves as an evidence of a successful gardening.

20 Best Pictures of Double Flowering Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis




















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18 Stunning Photos of Butterflies

By on August 7, 2017

Some of my favorite subjects to capture are the birds, bees and butterflies. Among other specific groups, how can you get closer to the subject? Winged insects and animals are the most challenging subjects to take because they have hyperactive wings, they cannot keep still. Another thing to consider is the shooting location with the weather as it plays a very important role. August is a rainy month and the temperature changes from time to time, greatly affected by the weather, outdoor photography is hard whether to go ahead with your plans for the day or not. I simply waited for a good timing that sunny day will greet me with a smile.

Among my favorite location to shoot, one is the Rainforest Park conveniently located nearby. Little did I know, it’s equally good to take pictures of other interesting subjects of flora and fauna just about anywhere here, this vast landscape offers beautiful scenery to take so, Here it goes, butterflies would be the first to consider before other subjects.

Photography side, what I want to avoid  if ever, when a butterfly picture in a set is taken with the same kind of flowers are particularly noticeable, it looks boring. It would be better to shift into different contexts, I’ve found some of my snapshots lately repeating the same manner, Daaa!  In search of butterfly photos? There is something for you here. Ok Folks ! Happy Viewing! Lets get started!

18 Stunning Photos of Butterflies


The first photo shows a Monarch butterfly hanging upside down position is a rare chance to get. What a good timing! I don’t want to lose this opportunity, I’m avoiding quick movements moving slow motion. Like most winged insects, most of the time they flew away before I have had a chance to take. Patience to wait is the name of the game!

Having a hard time to focus my camera, how I wish I can approach them but how can I? With a variety of butterflies around, I’m rushing to snap the Monarch first.

At times, I waited for a quick stop even for just a second but seems hard to wait,  I just stand-by to where I expect them to land. I’m sure they will come to pollinate the same flower again..

The green butterfly

The only problem here is the sunlit area, other areas shows low light in hazy afternoon calling for flash to some areas, it calls to brighten the dark shadows.

Mid-afternoon is the best time to snap butterflies, seems they are more friendly if tired so, it’s easier to snap and to this time, you can always expect where butterflies are.

Graceful landing!

The yellow butterfly

Butterflies in flight is very difficult to photograph but not necessarily best photographed in flight. just a serious try!

My 2nd shot for the upside down position.

Flying upward position.

A happy surprise! Two butterflies together pollinating one flower.

Stunning poise!

2 Butterflies lined up on the same stem of Maidenhair fern.



Black butterfly with large wings spread-out

I could go more into details but photos will give you a clearer view before my words. Good focus should be given a good consideration as I simply go for quality rather than quantity. Higher blurry rate gives frustration but good result is worth rewarding. Most of the photos  that was published previously was taken from faraway island haunts but stunning photos of today are best featured for you.

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Fashion/ Health/ Beauty

Hottest Forecast Adidas Originals: New Ultra Boost Multicolor and NMD R1

By on August 1, 2017

Ready to run ? We recently purchased 2 pairs of Adidas Originals in Taiwan, the Ultra Boost Multicolor 3.0  while the 2nd one, Adidas NMD R1 Cream. Opted for a smart look known for its comfort and durability, Adidas Ultra Boost widely regarded as the,”best running shoes ever and the most popular that ranked as number one running shoes.

As I firmly agree, often more expensive but it’s worth it because it shows great promise as your reliable bestfriend that makes your feet very happy. (Happy Feet and Happy Fit) For me, Ultra Boost nowadays have gone beyond necessity to simply being a luxury. For you guys to look sexy and smart, comfort should come first to avoid pain, blisters and swelling. Ultra Boost light and adaptive stretch for your comfort definitely, you’ll say,”Goodbye” to friction, fungus, corns and calluses.


Adidas Ultra Boost Multicolor

With Continental rubber soles and beautifully coordinated colors for young and old alike, Adidas Ultra Boost multicolor. Top List for us, it’s pretty obvious, we are Adidas Ultra Boost addict! ha ha hah. It looks chillaxed and sexy too!


Adidas Ultra Boost Multicolor


Adidas Ultra Boost Multicolor


Adidas Ultra Boost Multicolor

New edition of Adidas originals, the NMD R1. NMD stands for Nomad. Picking up the right one that fits and provides good function for your day to day activities, this color will brighten your looks with finishing touch to go with anything from shorts, skirts to any jogging or casual pants.


Adidas NMD R1 Cream


Adidas NMD R1 Cream


For Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost Ltd. and Adidas NMD Men’s sneakers, Available in all official Adidas online store and stores nationwide.

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