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December 9, 2014

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Fashionable dog wearing blue glasses and shoes. What a smart breed!

Last Sunday, while I was walking around the corridors of  Tiendesitas Shopping Mall, this cute dog,  has stollen my attention. I was very happy to have another opportunity to photograph it, it was done with consent from the owner anyway. Just like humans, the charming dog looks like a star! It looks  fashionable with the vibrant and sparkling colors of her silky cotton-like coat, wearing shoes with matching blue glasses. The silky hair looks like it was also straightened. May I know who is the hairstylist? The color combination and pattern looks perfect too. I guess it’s tough to color this dog hair but the dog looks smart and well-behaved.

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Charming dog, Star of the Day  (Click on image to view larger)

Wow! This is the best way to bring out the best looks in dogs. Definitely, She got the best impression and great mood for the day. I heard what people says around that it was very funny to see dog walking wearing shoes. I’m curious, I haven’t seen one yet perhaps, a bit adjustment to trim their toenails first. I missed to ask the dog’s name from the owner, hoping to catch them around at the same place soon.

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