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Mali, the Captive Elephant


Photo taken: Manila Zoo, Philippines March 19,2017

Sri Lankan elephant named Mali inside an enclosure at Manila Zoo (Formerly known as Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden) Mali the only captive elephant in the Philippines  has already endured 43 years of extreme confinement. 

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Muntingia Calabura Fruit/Flowers


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Muntingia Calabura  blooming under full sun,the petals changes its position and lean to the light and flop over. It’s a small,and white star-like flower that has a crepe texture petals and golden yellow anther that attracted insects around. However, the sepal and stigma  is color green,so with the evergreen leaves. During hot season, the taste of the fruit is quiet sweet and juicy but during rainy days, it’s tasteless as it’s only good for the birds and honeybees.


Giant Sunflowers


Giant Sunflowers with Bright clouds in the Background

Leaving temporarily my daily chores behind, I can’t neglect my morning hobby to at least capture one beautiful subject a day. Sunflowers attracted enormous attention from passers around and amid expectations from me that it would even be more better to see it in pictures. This is my expression to brighten up my day and after snapshots would be getting into blogs afterwards so this is it.

21 Magnificent Sunsets from Around the World


Sun’s apparent descent below western horizon at the end of the day is the most revealing delight generally livelier, lovelier and generously endowed by nature, it provides spiritual escape from the troubles of the mundane world. The sunset is most dramatic and photogenic especially if it combines with the beauty of landscape and sunlit sea. As I’ve mentioned before and again, to capture the sunset feels like such an enjoyable chore but it’s worth doing it, that’s two flavors in one sweet treat; you can achieve something and enjoy with it. It’s a goal that gives a feeling of accomplishment.

Furthermore, the awe-inspiring view presents the fascinating nature’s value which reveals remarkably the highest degree of creation. Watching the sunset in different places around the world, the changing color of sun rays done in an extra ordinary setting; overlooking the ocean, within the sight of urban world and rock formations, sunlit sea and beach setting, cool breeze and winter spots, beautiful coastlines and elegant-architectural background hence, giving the perfect spot to capture such a wonderful view of nature.

The average of temperature are very different around the world, we have different timezone. Other countries has 4 seasons and others are not. When summer comes, Philippines is a blessing to see the sun sets almost everyday with a few barrier problems. In far month of the world, the sun never sets in mid-summer. In winter, the sun remains below and darkness will lasts for a period of 2 months. Other countries, sun sets at midnight other areas will experience 24 hours daylight and 24 hours darkness.

The remarkable and impressive photos of sunset taken from places around the world will give a a better appreciation on how sunset looks like in other places. The peacefulness and vibrant beauty commands a spectacular site with its own features that goes well with the beauty of the landscape.

18 Magnificent sunsets from around the world

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Orlando Sanford Airport- Florida, United States


Taghit South of Algeria

Sunset Taken in the Strait of Malacca, Indonesia on board a vessel


Pavilla Hill, Tim Hau, Hongkong


Pontian Johor, Malaysia


Hangzhou, China


River City Bangkok Thailand


Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW, Australia


Ciudad Mante Tamaulipas Mexico


Heritage Village Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Milan, Italy


Saebyeol Oreum,Jeju Island, Korea


Taipei Metropolitan Park,Taipei, Taiwan




Beach- Cox’s Bazar Beach, Bangladesh


 Islamabad, Pakistan


Persian Gulf, Iran




Kerala, India


Karbi Anglong, Assam




Cliff Jump Site Nasugbu, Batangas Philippines


Nasugbu Revisited



Taal Lake,Taal Volcano – Tagaytay, Philippines

Last December, the long holiday vacation gave us the opportunity to relax and chill. We went back to Tagaytay and from there, we went directly to Nasugbu Batangas. Furthermore, Nasugbu offers plenty of enjoyable beaches for visitors, When one thinks of Nasugbu, you’ll inevitably thinks of dining, beautiful beaches, mountains, cliffside, sunset viewing, Boating, Scuba diving and all activities to be enjoyed with. For more stories from previous posts

Magnificent Sunset- Sunset Drive


Beautiful Sunset Nasugbu,Batangas

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Ever wonder which sunset photos made it to the fullest scene lately? Have you been craving of the latest scene of the sunset? Let’s take a look who’s snapshots got it going as the sun descends in the horizon. For me, it is something to remember as it keeps me busy.

To the sunset lovers out there, special features of my hotshots to make my collection of sunset photos more stellar. Summer is fast approaching, In the coming months would even be more exciting to capture more vivid sunsets. As saying goes, re-shoot makes it perfect but did it without spending too much time. To capture more and eliminate the a few is more than enough, check next posts to see other sunset photos. A positive impression from you keeps me going through.

Viewing the Beautiful Sunset


Vibrant and Photogenic View of the Sunset
Cliff Jump Site, Nasugbu, Batangas

To capture the sunset at the right time of the day, feels like such an enjoyable chore but you know? it’s worth doing it. No matter if you are a pro. photographer or an amateur one, nature lover like me feels inspired to photograph the beauty of nature.

Monarch Butterfly


Monarch Butterfly

Tali Beach, Nasugbu Batangas


Travel Highlights and Adventure

It looks so pretty, pleasant and peaceful inside the Tali Subdivision, Island outing this time has gone far better. I was talking about our latest adventure last December, this was pretty darn cool! With just a two and a half drive away from the south capital of Manila in the province of Batangas is a small town of Nasugbu facing the waters of South China Sea. From all levels, Nasugbu as one of the several diving sites in the Philippines has plenty to offer not only to divers but also to tourists and water sport fanatics as well. Best enough to enjoy lingering around, cliff diving, scuba, snorkeling, speed boating and the beaches are enough interesting sites considering the calm pristine waters, abundance of flying fishes, beautiful shells and white corals, sea stars and some exotic species to name a few.. Once you get there, there’s a lot more to surprise you and a lot more to be discovered. Nasugbu is blessed with endless coastlines stretching in all directions, many beautiful scenes to behold, great diving destination and swimming areas.

Tali Subdivision

Activities to do:

Inside the private and friendly community, these are the things to try while on vacation: Personal gadgets seems to be very useful to this point, ready! focus! and click!

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  1.  Sunset Viewing                              

    Along Sunset Drive recognized as one of the best places to watch the sunset. Closer distance, we spotted the flying fishes and migratory birds atop cliff side. With a peaceful and serene atmosphere, sun ray’s sparkling off the gentle waves turned into a sparking multi-colored diamonds. Sunset drive is a welcome sight to watch the sunset.

The scenery is breathtaking from atop. Glancing towards us, sun still drifting along with trailing pink red and blue and orange ribbons of light. It feels like I’m so close to nature, it was a Magnificent sunset!

You can enjoy sipping a cold drinks while watching the sunset with romantic tune playing on your phone, we’ve all been here the whole afternoon till day ends, the thrill of watching the sunset as it descends in the horizon.

2. Cliff Jumping, Scuba Diving and Water Sports

For scuba, a lush of underwater world attractions that features; coral reefs, cauliflower-shaped and pink corals, sea shells, abundance of lion fishes, scorpion fishes stingrays and sharks.

Soft corals washed ashore by strong waves and currents.

For water Sports- Jet skis, Speed boats, Luxury yachts, Banana boats

Cliff Jump Site, Nasugbu, Batangas

An amazing brownstone arising dramatically intended for cliff jumping, the large brown rock formation created by nature.

 3. Leisurely Morning and Afternoon Strolling

A favorite way to begin a day around Cliff jump site park. The sun rose bright and full warm as the favorable wind refreshes our mood. Overlooking the coastlines below, the quiet greenery of palm trees and mountains, flying fishes jumping over the water, speed boats and jet skis crossing around ships.

Top view of the island is the highest peak, nevermind climbing steeply up and down, the steep hillside that leads to the panoramic view of the sunset, you can view the heavy slopes but with a well-manicured landscape and a gentle refreshing breeze to cool your photography mood.

4. Outstanding Sightings

At a distance, we spotted a beautiful vacation house with a fascinating landscape, it’s a seaside paradise, the sun greeted me with a full bright sunshine smile to see it.

Seaside architecture and an extraordinary home by the sea. Breathtakingly beautiful setting!

Twin Island

A privately owned island, two large rocks jutting up out of the sea.

Overlooking the two coastal rock formations, it was a twin island arising in the middle of the sea.


 Bat cave

Beautiful formation of the cave  and it’s also a popular site.

5. Boat Riding

The big boat can accommodate 16 people but with only 5 aboard heading to Munting Buhangin carrying members of the family from Tali beach experiencing full force of wind and heavy waves but was replaced by excitement when we passed by Fortune island and Twin Islands. After some safety instructions, the boat provides safety life jacket, all very necessary.


The 45 minutes riding was a pleasurable one as we sees the passing speed boats,luxury yachts, colorful sailboats, and other passing watercrafts. What a relaxing expression from our faces to see 50 yards ahead of us, I could see the pristine white beach, this could be the place,”Munting Buhangin”


5. Discovering new species

Walking around the island, I was pretty scared to see this particular species, they’re supposed to be incredibly rare in most places. This is real interesting, I haven’t seen one like this before. I think, this is water centipede, it was huge and incredibly long crawling near the rocky bit of corals.


Water centipede

How about this one? A black dead eel washed ashore by strong waves.


Floral-shaped corals and sea shells


Soft corals of different kinds




Crab cave


6. Beautiful Beaches/ Calm waters/Breathtaking views

All beaches located inside Tali subdivision; Main beach, Marina beach, Palm Beach, Secret beach, Barrier beach and Sunset beach. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen protection.

Main Beach

It’s so quiet and peaceful with few inhabitants around, it was just five minutes walk from the place where we are staying but the rugged slopes made me tired climbing up and down.


Main Beach


The good setting is is just as also beautiful to spot the sunset. It is accessible to all points.




Beautiful beach sunset- Main Beach Nasugbu, Batangas


Tali Beach concert


Marina Beach

Pleasant sea breeze ominously cool. Speedboats are common that can be seen around. Plenty of sea shells, star fishes and eel can be spotted around.



It was a perfect afternoon at Marina beach, water is cold and refreshing.


Beautiful setting of Marina Beach


Nasugbu offers a wide range of outing possibilities deciding which area to choose for a  reasonable and financial considerations. Far sites that you may also want to visit, can be reached by boat  or car 20-30 minutes away.


Munting Buhangin Beach Camp


A kilometer stretch of white sand beach that can suit 5,000 people with choices of exclusive and semi-exclusive accommodation.




Punta Fuego

Click link>

Terrazas de Punta Fuego

Other beaches in Nasugbu; Sumo Bank– suited for professional divers, Canyon Cove Beach Club, Fortune Island Resort these are just a few to mention…


Underwater Attraction Delights: Where to Dive?

Sumo Bank it is said to be suited for more professional divers, among other features; cauliflower-shaped corals with sharks roaming around.

Anilao Favorite dive spots and birthplace of Philippine scuba. The favorite photo spot for photographers is the Cathedral Rock with vibrant colorful reef fish.

Fortune Island – Just like the Twin Island, the most famous dive-sites  a privately owned island. Blue holes, one particular area features sweet lips, parrot fishes, angelfishes butterfly-fishes, squid and cattle fishes. You can also spot the remains of the old freighter 20 meters underwater.

Puerto Galera and Verde Island a common dive spots to see the remains of the keel of Spanish Galleon but was also kept and preserved in National Museum. You can see here large cascading white coral shells, anemones, mantas, eagle rays and white-blacktip sharks.

Sunken Bootythe northern part of Twin island, not so beautiful but hides artefacts from a long time ago sunken galleon, remains of rope and anchor still existing.

Pinnacles and Point, Sombrero Island, PADI Dive Center and Maya-Maya Reef Resort, a popular one is also worth a try..

Where to stay?

An ideal choice of ours to fit our needs daily with a very reasonable price, Jo and Johnny’s Beach and Dive Inn, Nasugbu is a temporary home that will give you the comfort, we occupied the whole second floor level, it’s a home you’ll call it, mine!

Jo and Johnny’s Beach and Dive Inn

It’s my family’s choice for a comfortable homestay. The two-storey house situated  inside  an exclusive Tali subdivision that guarantees to a safer community with hospitable people around. It’s fully fitted and furnished that includes; air conditioned bedroom, 2 bathroom with hot and cold water, dining  room, living room, tv, lounge, fully equipped kitchen( ref, microwave,toaster,oven, cooking utensils) balcony overlooking the outdoor swimming pool with a sun deck, Wi-fi is available inside the compound and free mineral water with dispenser. Tali beach, Main beach,Palm beach and Marina is just a 10 minutes walk away.

Contact: Sea Shell Drive Tali Beach Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines

(+632) 807-3416


Beach water sports;  Speed boats can be rented, Banana boats, Jet skis, Kayaks to mention just a few..



Good Food and Where’s it Found?

Best Restaurants: Kainan sa Dalampasigan, Pico Sand Restaurant and El Cocinero Restaurant. Try Bulalo as the main specialty of Batangas. Outside Batangas, make a brief stop to try my favorite> Antonio’s Restaurant, serves the best foods in Tagaytay,So far, the best I’ve ever tasted.

Local Snacks/ Pasalubong to Bring Home:

Another cravings; make a quick stop at Rowena’s Tagaytay, I love the Blueberry, Mango and Strawberry Tarts, comes a lot of different flavors. Surprising sweets, our favorite purchase, pick up a pack of Sylvanas, Yemas and Pastillas as well.

Nasugbu was a very happy experience for us. Batangas may not be the top of your choice of tourists attractions  unlike Baguio, Palawan, Boracay and Cebu but the chance to enjoy leisurely swimming with 7 beaches inside Tali subdivision itself, the water sports, taste of rural life, good photography spot to snap panoramic photos, deep blue sea, fine white sand, good landscape and clean surroundings. You don’t have to go coastline off in a distance.Most of all, you’ll fine true hospitality while dealing with the people around Nasugbu.

Before retiring to bed, a good night sleep to hear the sounds of crickets and other night insects. For me, it’s like music to my ears! Of course, all good moments must come to an end, this whole island adventure will really be something to tell everyone back home. Summer is coming and fast approaching, another adventure would take place in weeks time, How cool is that?

Miracle Garden of Dubai


What a beautiful landscape! The beautiful garden paradise floating lavishly with beautiful flowers, I may call it, the ”Garden of Eden” or the ”Garden of new generation. Miracle Garden of Dubai is a beautiful flower garden, so far the largest floral sculpture located in Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates gained good reputation, it was a big hit and a special extravagant attraction approximately with over 45 million blooming flowers.

Periodically open to all visitors, locals,OFW and tourists made visits to this place, the garden was launched February 14, 2013, it was a good timing to celebrate Valentine’s day. I’m glad to see all the efforts of garden enthusiasts and landscape designers. Over the years, the growth and interest in gardening has been developed, the empty dessert and idle spaces that remain intact for years has been newly restored and renovated that gained good recognition as the present Guinness World Record holder for the ”Largest Vertical Garden.” What lies beyond the dessert? It was all dramatically turned into a beautiful paradise and the flower displays and arrangements occasionally changed every year.

(Click on images to view larger)

To display the flowers devoted primarily to full blooms in appropriate landscape, framed filled by flower pots that formed animal pieces and objects which includes; Castle, Airbus 300, Swan Lake, Giant formed hearts and Pyramids to name a few. This kind of display technique is easy to replace the sections that are dried up. The spacious landscape is divided into different areas of  a good display.

The flower frame design that formed a pyramid is distinctive. Thanks for the effort and time to discover the new display of floral designs, it helps us to appreciate better the flowers of today.

Excellent blending of colors and detailed arrangement techniques for external expression.

Arch climber flowers, the range of colors to competent the season and paths are bordered by flower beds all matched the way of a gorgeous garden.

What  a surprise to see the lushness of flowers, some rare varieties especially the hybrids are still growing today.

Lower sections has display areas each taking character, likely assorted to be found here.

All sections everywhere partly to show blending and striking of colors rightfully organized in a very competent manner.

It’s a dazzling view!

The lush freshness makes a very good display everywhere.

All the people around, everyone would look and say” perfectly beautiful!

Beds of white flowers

Beside Miracle Garden is as fake roller coaster with a giant fake motor cross rider hanging up there.

If you are yearning for a greener scenery and stunning landscape, visit ”Dubai Miracle Garden” it’s worth to just walk around and appreciate each portion. It’s a miracle spot too! News about the garden circulated around, when I heard about it, I caught up in excitement to get up and check.

Miracle Garden of Dubai

Address: Al Barsha South 3, Barsha, Dubailand Area Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening hours: 9AM to 11 PM

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