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Fascinating Sunset of Today


Harbour View Sunset

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 I love photography, the course of capturing interesting subjects day to day in a more meaningful way, just shows my skill of dedication. Sunset is still the best subject to touch when it comes to the beauty of nature. I’ve tried all various camera angle shots at almost the same sundown time on different locations to create dramatic and magnificent shots. This will require lots of work but I’m willing to exert more effort to be back and capture the same subject at the same time on different day to compare the difference. Somehow, surprising differences  will surely comes out because the clouds formation and weather plays a big role here.

Sunset Gallery – Manila Bay


Nature putting together the many shades and tone of colors with glitz and brightly colored hues of  orange, violet, blue, orange, red, yellow and pink. Variety of colors gives a brilliant result in photography. I’ve captured different angles of sunset in different locations, virtually a wild and unexplored regions is something precious but the fascinating site to photograph the sunset in Philippines are Manila Bay, Bayview and Harbour View park, these 3 locations seems to be the ” Photographer’s Backyard”

The best time to capture? March is generally recognized as the beginning of summer, this maybe a driven month from March to May, it’s the best time for sunset shooting and landscape photography. Sunset is a great subject even though it will only lasts for minutes but still the best way to document is through snapshots, it is only in pictures are the accurate way of presenting the beauty of sunset, closer view showing various color features would be truly revealed.

Lets review some of my sunset photos taken before sundown at Manila Bay  (Roxas Blvd, Manila, Luzon, Philippines) 15 Photos All original and natural photos of sunset

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Fisherman’s Best Friend with the View of the Sunset


The fisherman’s best friend, ( Philippine dog ”Askal”) extremely reliable dog showing his distinctive purpose and protective instinct for his master.


Sunset Gallery


Rizal Park Sunset

Location: Roxas Blvd. Manila. Philippines

Nature showcases one of the most photographed subjects of landscape photography, it’s the sunset, you can find the beauty of nature in all aspects no matter where it was taken definitely, they show-off their astonishing beauty and share the same similarities,’’the natural beauty of nature.’’

You can see here, all sunset photos taken with the elegance of terraced westcoast, cityscape, landscape and splendid mountains, floating vessel, dry sand dunes, Persian gulf, coldest to hottest regions, grassland, ricefields, desert, aircraft, watercraft, areas of mainland, peninsulas and tropical islands.

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Capture the Beauty of Sunset with Elegant Simplicity


Tali Beach Cliff Jump Site Sunset

Location: Nasugbu, Batanga Philippines

The great impression from readers/viewers, that sunset has many faces as being described as; breathtaking, magnificient, vibrant, beautiful, stunning, extra-ordinary, astonishing, radiant, brilliant, gorgeous, dramatic, fascinating, amazing, attractive, colorful, serene, quiet, peaceful and what more? Loss for words, I’m running out of adjectives to describe it.But anyway, Detailed description of any sunset photos around here is always supplemented by photographs.

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Beautiful Sunset- To Witness How Day Ends



Harbour View Sunset

Location: Ermita,Manila Philippines

Nature’s best display on how day ends, watching the sun as it sets may not be on the list of your pastime but once you see the sunset soft-warm glow and yellow-orange light splashing sunlit, you will turn and stop to watch the stunning brightness, this way, no matter how heavy the burden you are carrying on your shoulder, the peaceful and serene atmosphere will calm your senses upon viewing even for just a moment, you’ll surely forget your burdens! View more sunset photos next posts.

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Summer Sunset


Manila Bay Sunset

Photo taken: March 20.2017

Location: Bayside along Roxas Blvd Manila, Luzon, Philippines

The dramatic view of the sunset in an open sea setting, the location at closer distance from the road, it’s impossible to clear away the sun watchers, fisherman and vendors around but sometimes, they also serves as supporting subject and additional human element in the background. 

The best viewpoint is the mellow yellow-orange light with splashes of vibrant colors is ideal, striking rays heading straight forward directly to my position is a big advantage getting easier to focus. 

To capture the sunset  is not that hard even if the sunset will only lasts for minutes, work must be done very quickly. The result is not always perfect as expected sometimes, it came out to be very bright and others dull and blurry. I just have to practice all photography measures, Next time, just as to hold my breath before clicking to avoid shaking.

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Dramatic Sunset with Animal Element


The faithful dog guarding his Master’s fishing boat.

Photo taken: March 20.2017

Location: Bayside along Roxas Blvd Manila, Luzon, Philippines

Very rare timing to catch up, to include an animal with the view of the sunset but what a perfect poise for the dog! It looks like the fisherman’s dog is tired but actively opens his mouth showing his wet tongue, adorable looks, huh! Thanks Doggie for your cooperation! Thanks for making my day!

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The Dog, the Fisherman and the Dramatic Sunset


The fisherman with his loyal companion behind, with the background view of the beautiful sunset. Manila Bay sunset taken March 20, 2017 Roxas Blvd. Manila, Philippines.

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Beautiful Sunset over Manila Bay


Beautiful Sunset over Manila Bay

Photo taken: March 20.2017

Location: Bayside along Roxas Blvd Manila, Luzon, Philippines

To witness through photos the dramatic features of Philippine sunset. Sunset over Manila Bay featured all range of colors with different types of light levels streaming through branches and leaves of coconut trees, this is the most beautiful sunset here in Manila.

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