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Muntingia Calabura Fruit/Flowers


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Muntingia Calabura  blooming under full sun,the petals changes its position and lean to the light and flop over. It’s a small,and white star-like flower that has a crepe texture petals and golden yellow anther that attracted insects around. However, the sepal and stigma  is color green,so with the evergreen leaves. During hot season, the taste of the fruit is quiet sweet and juicy but during rainy days, it’s tasteless as it’s only good for the birds and honeybees.


Giant Sunflowers


Giant Sunflowers with Bright clouds in the Background

Leaving temporarily my daily chores behind, I can’t neglect my morning hobby to at least capture one beautiful subject a day. Sunflowers attracted enormous attention from passers around and amid expectations from me that it would even be more better to see it in pictures. This is my expression to brighten up my day and after snapshots would be getting into blogs afterwards so this is it.

Monarch Butterfly


Monarch Butterfly

Miracle Garden of Dubai


What a beautiful landscape! The beautiful garden paradise floating lavishly with beautiful flowers, I may call it, the ”Garden of Eden” or the ”Garden of new generation. Miracle Garden of Dubai is a beautiful flower garden, so far the largest floral sculpture located in Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates gained good reputation, it was a big hit and a special extravagant attraction approximately with over 45 million blooming flowers.

Periodically open to all visitors, locals,OFW and tourists made visits to this place, the garden was launched February 14, 2013, it was a good timing to celebrate Valentine’s day. I’m glad to see all the efforts of garden enthusiasts and landscape designers. Over the years, the growth and interest in gardening has been developed, the empty dessert and idle spaces that remain intact for years has been newly restored and renovated that gained good recognition as the present Guinness World Record holder for the ”Largest Vertical Garden.” What lies beyond the dessert? It was all dramatically turned into a beautiful paradise and the flower displays and arrangements occasionally changed every year.

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To display the flowers devoted primarily to full blooms in appropriate landscape, framed filled by flower pots that formed animal pieces and objects which includes; Castle, Airbus 300, Swan Lake, Giant formed hearts and Pyramids to name a few. This kind of display technique is easy to replace the sections that are dried up. The spacious landscape is divided into different areas of  a good display.

The flower frame design that formed a pyramid is distinctive. Thanks for the effort and time to discover the new display of floral designs, it helps us to appreciate better the flowers of today.

Excellent blending of colors and detailed arrangement techniques for external expression.

Arch climber flowers, the range of colors to competent the season and paths are bordered by flower beds all matched the way of a gorgeous garden.

What  a surprise to see the lushness of flowers, some rare varieties especially the hybrids are still growing today.

Lower sections has display areas each taking character, likely assorted to be found here.

All sections everywhere partly to show blending and striking of colors rightfully organized in a very competent manner.

It’s a dazzling view!

The lush freshness makes a very good display everywhere.

All the people around, everyone would look and say” perfectly beautiful!

Beds of white flowers

Beside Miracle Garden is as fake roller coaster with a giant fake motor cross rider hanging up there.

If you are yearning for a greener scenery and stunning landscape, visit ”Dubai Miracle Garden” it’s worth to just walk around and appreciate each portion. It’s a miracle spot too! News about the garden circulated around, when I heard about it, I caught up in excitement to get up and check.

Miracle Garden of Dubai

Address: Al Barsha South 3, Barsha, Dubailand Area Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening hours: 9AM to 11 PM

Food Decor/Christmas Tree


Oh Gosh! A sweet treat using a simplified version of food art, Donuts hanging on Christmas tree outlined the Christmas tree branches. This one is unique! A festive food fashion is something new to look at, I was able to spare few minutes from SM Mega Mall, I was surprised to see these accents. 

Bougainvillea-Dramatic and Timely Flower Reaching for the Sky




This is an afternoon cheer with easy shots.A common flower in the garden which is more welcome in the afternoon.It’s a nice way to say,”Just a simple snapshots for you.” The scene shows  a windy day with the Bougainvillea  reaching for the sky. The sky blue background, fresh air, stem waving back and forth, provides a calming feeling to relax your senses.

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Red Rose of China-Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis



Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis or Gumamela

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It’s a very cloudy morning today and I’m just wondering why the good sky looks like it’s still 5 am. What a gloomy feeling but these morning starters will cheer me up. Since it’s a common flower around that we see it every time  around the corner, it would even be more boring to see the same online and offline. The only way to be appreciated is to make the shots beautiful.Now, Lets see the result of today’s photography! I just hope it’s not a gloomy one.

Lotus Flowers of Taiwan



Lotus flower is the  national flower of the Republic of China

Lotus flowers are water plant and it’s surprisingly easy to maintain. Being classified as a  floating plant, it is the most aquatic with roots anchored under water. Waterlilies and lotus are a good choice for water gardens. The pink and white lotus flowers are the most popular and common around while the others are also attractive in various colors like; violet, orange, green and yellow to name a few.


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Just a quick shot, 2 photos of Lotus flowers taken in Taiwan during my travel recently.

Black Monarch Butterfly in the Garden


Black Monarch Butterfly

Black Monarch Butterfly

Another quick snapshot of Monarch butterfly done today. It appeared just after the rainfall and here it goes! The wings widely spread-out. Thanks God! it seems she’s showing the colour pattern of her wings. The shiny black colourful pattern, this is a bad warning to any predators as it is said to be poisonous! The position, you can easily identify what kind of butterfly is this.

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Heavy Crop of Beautiful Flowers



Bearing a heavy crop of beautiful flowers in clusters sometimes,carrying many flowers on one stem alone. A flowering plant that lives in a dry climate, however, manage to survive even during rainy season. One kind of plant that can easily adopt themselves to the climate.This is a good specimen for beautification. The sunny position I think  is very particular, summer growth flowers are produced abundantly as shown here.

I’m closing close track of the flowers thinking that when flowering ends, seeds are being released and ready to be collected. The next step is to dry the seeds for a week or two and plant them. Soon, one month after, check the result of your effort, the daily bloomers will give you the lushness of the surroundings.

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