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Food Decor/Christmas Tree


Oh Gosh! A sweet treat using a simplified version of food art, Donuts hanging on Christmas tree outlined the Christmas tree branches. This one is unique! A festive food fashion is something new to look at, I was able to spare few minutes from SM Mega Mall, I was surprised to see these accents. 

Panagbenga Festival 2016


Panagbenga Flower Festival 2016 draws big crowd in Baguio city. The crowd bursting into spontaneous cheers filled the areas in front of Convention Center and thousands lined the streets of Session road as early as 3 a.m. to see the flower float parade. Others endured the long hours of waiting and sleeping on both roadside spaces and sidewalks. Motorist and commuters having a hard time to get out from this point because of road closures nearby.

Panagbenga Festival is a popular festival in the Philippines, the most attended parade that includes parade of flower floats, street dancing, Philippine folk dance,ethnic dance, marchers, band music performed in traditional costumes. Some t v personalities and movie stars attended this event.

I was around as early as 5 am to take snapshots of this event to feature it here. Of course I want a hassle free photography with no interruptions and distractions. I don’t want to experience different factors. I already organized everything for myself beforehand.  Street photography is quite hard to be with big crowd but anywhere around, it’s fun to hear enjoyable shouting and screaming of the crowd. We Filipinos are happy even when we are facing different crisis, we are hospitable to welcome our guests especially during feast. This event surely preserves the customs of particular race.


IMG_8881 copy

Street Photography of the Panagbenga Festival floats, all photos done as early as 5 a.m. just before the parade.I’ve started following the parade route stretching from the Convention center, Session road to SM

Street dancing has certainly been an important part of the festival, a form of entertainment, tradition and history.Bringing up the symbol of the festival.What a festive feeling to smell the fragrant flowers throughout the street.The flower floats is as much as an attraction made beautiful by the people of Baguio, all beautiful flowers seems to bloom on the float.Thank you so much for that. Let’s get started !

Pictures of Panagbenga Festival Floats

Truly breathtaking to bring the flowers from the garden to decorate all the floats. Range of colors and the arrangement of flowers according to the float theme appealed artfully to the eye. One can just imagine,a day before to gather all the right flowers to form in style, shaping and mixing patterns of colors, adding elegant highlights to emphasized the whole outline.

Baguio city, the city of the cold sun have benefited from their cold location that some unique variety of flowers mostly originated there.

Event: Panagbenga Flower Festival 2016

February 28,2016

Venue: Session road  to Melvin Jones Grounds

Baguio city

(Click on all images to view larger)

IMG_8669 copy

As photo shows

Brilliant mass of flowers with striking color combinations.

IMG_8857 copy


IMG_8718 copy


IMG_8731 copy


IMG_8832 copy

Distinctive graceful pattern of blooming flowers with gorgeous walls and elegant borders.

IMG_8677 copy

A field of flowers on top, just like humans too, being beautiful is an advantage.

IMG_8647 copy

Seemingly endless variety of combinations.

IMG_8705 copy


IMG_8628 copy


IMG_8862 copy


IMG_8573 copy


IMG_8577 copy


IMG_8713 copy


IMG_8633 copy


IMG_8636 copy


IMG_8723 copy


IMG_8725 copy


IMG_8639 copy


IMG_8644 copy


IMG_8653 copy


IMG_8595 copy


IMG_8736 copy


IMG_8749 copy


IMG_8842 copy


IMG_8844 copy


IMG_8845 copy


IMG_8796 copy


IMG_8805 copy


IMG_8811 copy


IMG_8814 copy


IMG_8820 copy


IMG_8822 copy


IMG_8756 copy

Folk traditions are very much alive!

Traditional colorful costumes, this scene showing ethnic influences which is expressed in folk traditions.


IMG_8761 copy


IMG_8782 copy


IMG_8754 copy


IMG_8850 copy


IMG_8782 copy

I will not end up here for next next would be another blog for the next Panagbenga Flower Festival 2017.

 I would like to thank all the Panagbenga Flower Festival organizers for allowing me to take pictures before the parade. Thank you to all float sponsors. Looking forward to meet you again soon…

Paskotitap Float Festival 2015


One of the most awaited event is the Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sound Parade or Paskotitap Festival. It is an annual parade held every December in the city of Pasig. Paskotitap is a beautiful exhibition of electronic floats  sponsored by participating institutions and schools.The event will also showcased all beautiful designed floats and performances of dance troupes from each school. It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials.

It was truly was a beautiful Christmas evening last Sunday (December 13,2015). It was a magical night! This year’s Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds presented 14 popular animated themed floats from action, epic, fantasy and adventure movies. Superp floats to represent reastically all the 14 movie-themed concept in distinctive characters; Dragon Ball, Sponge Bob,Pokemon,One Piece, Minion, Star Wars, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Jurassic World, Lord of the Rings, Scoobie Doo, Doraemon and Transformers. It was fun- filled excitement to see all floats colorful decorations, set up with eccentric lights, beautiful music that goes well with the float theme and participating students with elegant and ravishing outfits.

The float designs and artistry is quiet astonishing. A friend behind said, It’s spectacular! People beside me keeps on roaring, cheering and dancing. This parade attracted thousands of people  and visitors around Pasig eventually rising to more this year.

This is already my 5th consecutive year of covering the Paskotitap.I had published the 4 other coverage in the past. I started way back –year 2011 during the Power Puff Girls, Kitty, and Avatar time. For the first 3 years, I’ve published only the evening coverage and all images done by night photography but last year 2014 and up the present, I’ve made double effort to photograph all details ahead of time, that was done at midday and be back again in the evening for my night details. It was a double pressure to do it twice but indeed with pleasure as well. At midday, the colorful features of the float will come out but not as vivid during the night. That’s the difference.

Initially, the event due to start at 6:oo pm but this year, it was delayed to some issues, a float generator is not working and there’s a quick rush to catch up the limited time for installation.

As originally planned to follow the parade directly all the way to Pasig City Hall for the performances and awarding of winners for Group dance contest, Best float and costume design but as expected, traffic has exploded out of proportion, I was caught in a traffic jam for hours because major roads are fully congested.

You can see here all the themed floats creative design and decorations have been brought together in almost perfect coordination possible. I’m here to share the excitement.

IMG_2575 copy

Mayor Maribel Eusebio of Pasig with Mark Sambrano

The parade started after the live interview of GMA-7 and ABS CBN with Mayor Maribel Eusebio.

IMG_2593 copy

No amount of happiness can compensate for documenting this Paskotitap event so i can share it with you. My particular thanks to all Paskotitap organizers, float creators, designers, participating students, Schools, All sponsors, Rotary Club of Pasig and to Mayor Maribel EusebioHere are some photos taken last Sunday- Paskotitap 2015

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@copyright all rights reserved Dec.2015

Note: Click on all images to view larger

The Jurassic World Float

It represents the spirit of Jurassic dinosaurs in the Mesozoic era. As you approach to see the images, it will change your mood and transformed everything bringing you back in time.

IMG_2358 copy

This model is one of its kind.

IMG_2342 copy


IMG_2355 copy


IMG_2348 copy

High school students wearing carnival costumes to match with the float animated theme.

IMG_2331 copy


The Star Wars Float

The float dramatically illustrates the war in the universe. Scene appeared to be dynamic and alive.

IMG_2673 copy


IMG_2466 copy


IMG_2452 copy


IMG_2463 copy


IMG_2441 copy


IMG_2438 copy

The Jedi Knights

IMG_2616 copy

Main Characters, Darth Vader and com.

IMG_2629 copy

The Queen Amidala costume.


The Dragon Ball Float


IMG_1958 copy


IMG_2246 copy


IMG_2254 copy


IMG_2248 copy


The Fantastic Four Float


IMG_2419 copy


IMG_2413 copy


IMG_2110 copy


IMG_2414 copy


The Lord of the Rings Float



IMG_2386 copy


IMG_2387 copy


IMG_2388 copy


The One Piece Float


IMG_2303 copy


IMG_2741 copy


IMG_2296 copy


IMG_2747 copy


IMG_2739 copy


The Sponge Bob Float


IMG_1998 copy


IMG_2003 copy


IMG_2264 copy


The Pokémon float


IMG_2273 copy


IMG_2278 copy


IMG_2284 copy


IMG_2292 copy

Impressive! What a beautiful make-up.The shading of different tones is very artistic. Thanks to the make-up artist,you deserve a recognition.

IMG_2755 copy

She volunteered for a single snapshot! Awesome! Looks like a real glittering fairy flapping and spreading her wings like a butterfly.

IMG_2762 copy


The Minions Float


IMG_2375 copy


IMG_2682 copy


IMG_2360 copy

The Avengers Float


IMG_2719 copy


IMG_2328 copy


IMG_2696 copy


IMG_2698 copy


The Scooby Doo Float


IMG_2218 copy


IMG_2317 copy


IMG_2722 copy


IMG_2734 copy

The Gurimon Float

IMG_2427 copy


IMG_2428 copy


The transformers float

Most picturesque movie themed float. Transformers float is the best loved by the kids around.


IMG_2152 copy


IMG_2548 copy


IMG_2547 copy


IMG_2479 copy


IMG_2482 copy


IMG_2483 copy


IMG_2484 copy


IMG_2545 copy


IMG_2551 copy


IMG_2612 copy


MineCraft Float

By: Alba Works


IMG_2036 copy

Thank you to the good record and service projects. Thank you, thank you Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig. Ang babait ninyo!




10858495_1533971693525580_2025484456276749796_n copy

Fashionable dog wearing blue glasses and shoes. What a smart breed!

Last Sunday, while I was walking around the corridors of  Tiendesitas Shopping Mall, this cute dog,  has stollen my attention. I was very happy to have another opportunity to photograph it, it was done with consent from the owner anyway. Just like humans, the charming dog looks like a star! It looks  fashionable with the vibrant and sparkling colors of her silky cotton-like coat, wearing shoes with matching blue glasses. The silky hair looks like it was also straightened. May I know who is the hairstylist? The color combination and pattern looks perfect too. I guess it’s tough to color this dog hair but the dog looks smart and well-behaved.

10154354_1533972830192133_4688326587031238496_n copy

Charming dog, Star of the Day  (Click on image to view larger)

Wow! This is the best way to bring out the best looks in dogs. Definitely, She got the best impression and great mood for the day. I heard what people says around that it was very funny to see dog walking wearing shoes. I’m curious, I haven’t seen one yet perhaps, a bit adjustment to trim their toenails first. I missed to ask the dog’s name from the owner, hoping to catch them around at the same place soon.



10603661_1510324565890293_7746560677513945442_n copy

How do you celebrate Halloween?

We celebrated it with horrible costumes, night and day Halloween parties, Jack-O-Lanterns, even our own foods like fruits, candies, biscuits was formed into spooky stuffs, strange forms and figures. We also decorated our garden with some horrible props.Of course, the treat or trick practice, it was all a kid’s fun.

However, if you want to make your Halloween an extra creepy and memorable experience to count on, Don’t sleep and spend all night  in cemeteries and haunted house waiting for something strange to come out. Call yourself a ghost hunter,anyway, it’s nice to be good at something. Just wondering, how in this world you would get rid of ghosts and bad spirits?



My Halloween Presentation for this year,2014

You can’t find what’s in unless you go out and see what’s new. In my case, I don’t have to look very far to find some spooky and horrible stuffs to show off, they are just around the corner and everywhere. Lately, I took some bone-chilling photographs during my hunt for strange things and figures for my ”Halloween Special”  Some photographs is something closer to shocked! I took these photos while walking around Eastwood city.

10482053_1511018472487569_4823409287034028680_n copy

The Gingerbread House

10361328_1511018792487537_5811083158338421651_n copy

A kiddie ride park  was set up on the other corner and Halloween superheroes show.

10310959_1511020585820691_4378722203292857921_n copy

The ”Red Crab”, Alimango house

Along the corridors is a ”Red Crab” an Alimango house, serves the best crab in the city, they got the best theme and Halloween costume.

10647133_1511020435820706_1676443472492294522_n copy

Very beautiful Halloween theme.

10394132_1511019122487504_620771676667015963_n copy

The most feared but I admired you guys for having the guts to do this freaky thing, I know it’s a part of your job, isn’t it? You look like a friendly zombie!  Do you think this one is cute and cuddly? then, this one is for you.

In front of a restaurant where customers would enter and be greeted by a zombie, a dead man walking covered with blood and taken his hands off while the other hand is holding it.

Trick or treat?

If you choose treat then these photos for sharing but, if you pick trick then these guys are your besties.

10312686_1511017892487627_6387722289829118659_n copy

Bloodied zombie with a frontal stab, it looks like a morgue. A living dead sleeping? I think, zombies never sleep.

149354_1511019649154118_6563789790729535924_n copy

The lower half body of ”manananggal” You can see the internal organs. The most scared but admired. Take a sharp glance and click on images to view larger.

10421198_1511017829154300_3679495721960101904_n copy

Caught on camera, the zombie was smiling to perform his real halloween move! Other restaurant crews wearing their Halloween costume. Other costumes like the Werewolf, Demon, Hunchback  of Notre Dame and many more..

Other pictures taken around Eastwood Mall. This is an amusement park for kids. I think, it was intended just for this Sunday event.

10435747_1511018122487604_2045054950429904522_n copy


10389558_1511019535820796_1163943100276213953_n copy


10406360_1511018529154230_453511565837055855_n copy


10301510_1511019025820847_3830900019762515769_n copy


1919620_1511019205820829_8754784005113968780_n copy

The Rubber Slide for kids.

10710522_1511018662487550_6228586176638099807_n copy

For the kids to enjoy, this is the best place.

10417713_1511018565820893_511877016091662881_n copy

Full of people all around.

10570328_1511019085820841_8040969893534471473_n copy

Front view of Rubber Slide.

1970818_1511018759154207_8633969240573659566_n copy

It looks like an early Halloween celebration last Sunday.



All my favorite stuffs, it’s Teddy Bear Fashion trends!

Click on images to view larger

IMG_2954 copy


IMG_7209 copy


IMG_7210 copy


IMG_7211 copy


IMG_7212 copy


IMG_2955 copy




What to wear?

It depends on places you want to go to. You can wear anything but it’s good to wear something appropriate. Buying is not important, you can make yourself presentable without spending a single buck. You can make yourself extra special from head to toe using your own effort, that will make you look different if you know how to mix and match your old clothes.

It’s fun to make your own style and trendy look, you can wear attractive blouses or tight jeans to pair with or colorful dress would also be good. All you have to do is to check your closet, bring out all attractive items and accessories. I’m sure you’ll find something that fits you well. Focus to change everything like your hair style because your  hair is your crowning glory that will lighten up your face and the clothes you are going to wear will change the whole of you. You can pony your hair to look young and girly, wear attractive head bands or pretty hair clips. Soft and wavy hair is also good or, just a straight hair look.

Being beautiful and presentable is good to look at. I’m sure, you want to have a photo collection of the event and do the close-up selfie shot afterwards. I remember a friend of mine, She hates to repeat the same clothes that was already photographed earlier. It was an expensive set-up to change all the time.  Just enjoy the day with your escort, Make this day a day to remember.



People buy gifts to any occasion like; Birthdays,Mother’s day,Father’s day, Christmas day and Valentine’s day was no exception although, it will only lasts for a day, it’s the time for boys especially the teenagers would choose a girl to pair up with. Following the hearty day with gift-giving of flowers, cute red bears, chocolates, exchanging love notes, sweet text messages, phone calls, and romantic dating. The day before, may be a whole day session of thinking and planning on where to go,Perhaps, you no longer needed to be coach, but, there are some suggestions you need to know just to ensure a wholesome Valentine’s day. It’s good to plan ahead of time.There might not be enough hours on that day that you’ll find yourself confused and rushing on where to go and what to give and what to wear. Whether you are single, loveless or married, whatever,t’s great to show your love on this day. Always remember that Love is…what you make it. Here are some tips on what to do before the occasion. This is applicable to any occasion not just Valentine’s day. Before anything else, Let me begin with few don’t’s.

What to avoid:

1.Set aside any problems first. Don’t discuss any problems from the past and present. Remember that this day is a special interests to both of you.

2. Avoid any embarrassing moments.

3. Skip tough conversation. However, if conflict arises, your partner might respond differently that may hurt your feelings. Stay cool and lower your tone to handle it safely. Learn to hug and make up a few words and tell him/her how you love him so much. Save the trouble, that’s a good sign of relief to make up before the day ends.

Where to go?

 For the Lovers: What thrill and excitement do you have in mind? If you are going with a special date that you may want something romantic? Treat your partner to a candle dinner for two, or a dinner in a restaurant with a romantic view of the sunset. This is the right setting wherein you may want to propose or you may want to bring out the feelings you’ve been keeping for a long time. Any place with beautiful scenery while eating is perfectly good. The location would simply make your day romantic and memorable.

Family Celebration: A restaurant with large serving wherein you can enjoy different kinds of foods. A buffet or eat –all- you- can restaurant is a good choice. It would be a good treat to surprise all family members.

For the Internet Explorers: Make it heard, first hour greetings is great. Give free electronic greeting cards, stickers and photos taken a day ahead. You can make personalized greetings in Photoshop editing, using your own photos, add meaningful captions and humble words. You can attach your emails and send it through application. You can also inbox beautiful messages with love songs attached, get it U-Tube. Revive your play lists and do the Facebook tags.

For Single and the Loveless:

 This is what you call a humble sacrifice if you don’t have a pair during Valentine’s day. Of course, it’s gonna be lonely without your love but, don’t waste your time inside your bedroom. Always remember that, your family is your true love. The good thing about being single; you are in the best situation to have a freedom to do everything, a complete full time for yourself. However, you can invite your bestfriend or group of friends to take a stroll on this day, it might be a night out to grove, that’s the best time to wear your dancing shoes or, you may want to sing, bringing our your golden voice that wasn’t heard for a long time. Karaoke bar with group of friends is fun! Choose a group more likely who have the same interests as you. A wholesome dinner with your family is surely appreciated too.

Note: To be continued…it was such a long blog! See you next post



16166_1510321032557313_9107624218661880571_n copy

Getting ready for a halloween party. My Halloween costume is a zombie. What a total transformation! The make-up applied on my face was temporary good for only for 3 hours, I’m prone to allergies and bit sensitive to wet make-up.Hence, they have used a hypo-allergenic one with no bad reaction afterwards.

However, I’m scared to see my own self.It looks like, I need a general surgery here.Creepy,isn’t it? LOL! I would like to thank my make-up artist for making me looks  like a horrible  zombie! Yikes! I want my face back!

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