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Miracle Garden of Dubai


What a beautiful landscape! The beautiful garden paradise floating lavishly with beautiful flowers, I may call it, the ”Garden of Eden” or the ”Garden of new generation. Miracle Garden of Dubai is a beautiful flower garden, so far the largest floral sculpture located in Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates gained good reputation, it was a big hit and a special extravagant attraction approximately with over 45 million blooming flowers.

Periodically open to all visitors, locals,OFW and tourists made visits to this place, the garden was launched February 14, 2013, it was a good timing to celebrate Valentine’s day. I’m glad to see all the efforts of garden enthusiasts and landscape designers. Over the years, the growth and interest in gardening has been developed, the empty dessert and idle spaces that remain intact for years has been newly restored and renovated that gained good recognition as the present Guinness World Record holder for the ”Largest Vertical Garden.” What lies beyond the dessert? It was all dramatically turned into a beautiful paradise and the flower displays and arrangements occasionally changed every year.

(Click on images to view larger)

To display the flowers devoted primarily to full blooms in appropriate landscape, framed filled by flower pots that formed animal pieces and objects which includes; Castle, Airbus 300, Swan Lake, Giant formed hearts and Pyramids to name a few. This kind of display technique is easy to replace the sections that are dried up. The spacious landscape is divided into different areas of  a good display.

The flower frame design that formed a pyramid is distinctive. Thanks for the effort and time to discover the new display of floral designs, it helps us to appreciate better the flowers of today.

Excellent blending of colors and detailed arrangement techniques for external expression.

Arch climber flowers, the range of colors to competent the season and paths are bordered by flower beds all matched the way of a gorgeous garden.

What  a surprise to see the lushness of flowers, some rare varieties especially the hybrids are still growing today.

Lower sections has display areas each taking character, likely assorted to be found here.

All sections everywhere partly to show blending and striking of colors rightfully organized in a very competent manner.

It’s a dazzling view!

The lush freshness makes a very good display everywhere.

All the people around, everyone would look and say” perfectly beautiful!

Beds of white flowers

Beside Miracle Garden is as fake roller coaster with a giant fake motor cross rider hanging up there.

If you are yearning for a greener scenery and stunning landscape, visit ”Dubai Miracle Garden” it’s worth to just walk around and appreciate each portion. It’s a miracle spot too! News about the garden circulated around, when I heard about it, I caught up in excitement to get up and check.

Miracle Garden of Dubai

Address: Al Barsha South 3, Barsha, Dubailand Area Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening hours: 9AM to 11 PM

Food Decor/Christmas Tree


Oh Gosh! A sweet treat using a simplified version of food art, Donuts hanging on Christmas tree outlined the Christmas tree branches. This one is unique! A festive food fashion is something new to look at, I was able to spare few minutes from SM Mega Mall, I was surprised to see these accents. 

The best viewpoint of Rizal Monument


Copy of IMG_7111 copy

National Cultural Treasure Dr. Jose Rizal National Monument (1913)

The monument was constructed made of bronze and granite (1912) by Swiss Sculptor Richard Kissling. The Philippine National Hero Monument is the most photographed and visited monument. Taken at Rizal Park, Luneta Manila August 1,2016.

(Click on image to view larger)

IMG_7101 copy

Dr. Jose Rizal Monument 1913

From the best viewpoint must be at  frontal view but I’ve spotted something unpleasant upon taking few snapshots, the building behind the monument at the right side (Torre De Manila) is completely ruining the landmark itself. To compare 2 photos taken at the same scene and the same subject. Of course I want it to come out at its best to achieve a good result.

Check the photos from above and below, you can spot the difference . My problem here is on how to hide the building behind it? Nevermind about some amount of controversy about the construction of the building, it was already there. Here’s I’m pointing the best location and convenient position to get a good viewpoint, different position at the same scene.

From the first photo above, thriving on such photography challenge, I’ve avoided to snap it in front,  getting to the right side with a bit distance will give a good result even though taken at dusk and you can see the black clouds at the background.

To get the precise effect I’ve been looking for, sooner, I get back to the same location at different time of the day to shoot again.  Whew ! Right time of the day simply offers more stunning scenes and photographic opportunities.


Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree


IMG_5050 copy

Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree

The shining example of beautiful chocolate theme Christmas tree. It’s for public viewing and photos taken at Robinson’s Galleria Supermarket before New Year.What a gracious expression of Christmas decoration.It’s incredibly beautiful! Ferrero Rocher chocolates are stunning partners for a Christmas garland. I don’t know how many pieces were attached but it seems around 5 yards of garland, good enough to cover the whole Christmas tree. The gold color of Ferrero Rocher is equally elegant and splendid, the lavish and expensive effect of decorating tradition of chocolates, color and theme features a good blitz.

Note: (Click on images to view larger)

IMG_5051 copy

The 2nd photo  taken is a macro shot!


Paskotitap Float Festival 2015


One of the most awaited event is the Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sound Parade or Paskotitap Festival. It is an annual parade held every December in the city of Pasig. Paskotitap is a beautiful exhibition of electronic floats  sponsored by participating institutions and schools.The event will also showcased all beautiful designed floats and performances of dance troupes from each school. It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials.

It was truly was a beautiful Christmas evening last Sunday (December 13,2015). It was a magical night! This year’s Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds presented 14 popular animated themed floats from action, epic, fantasy and adventure movies. Superp floats to represent reastically all the 14 movie-themed concept in distinctive characters; Dragon Ball, Sponge Bob,Pokemon,One Piece, Minion, Star Wars, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Jurassic World, Lord of the Rings, Scoobie Doo, Doraemon and Transformers. It was fun- filled excitement to see all floats colorful decorations, set up with eccentric lights, beautiful music that goes well with the float theme and participating students with elegant and ravishing outfits.

The float designs and artistry is quiet astonishing. A friend behind said, It’s spectacular! People beside me keeps on roaring, cheering and dancing. This parade attracted thousands of people  and visitors around Pasig eventually rising to more this year.

This is already my 5th consecutive year of covering the Paskotitap.I had published the 4 other coverage in the past. I started way back –year 2011 during the Power Puff Girls, Kitty, and Avatar time. For the first 3 years, I’ve published only the evening coverage and all images done by night photography but last year 2014 and up the present, I’ve made double effort to photograph all details ahead of time, that was done at midday and be back again in the evening for my night details. It was a double pressure to do it twice but indeed with pleasure as well. At midday, the colorful features of the float will come out but not as vivid during the night. That’s the difference.

Initially, the event due to start at 6:oo pm but this year, it was delayed to some issues, a float generator is not working and there’s a quick rush to catch up the limited time for installation.

As originally planned to follow the parade directly all the way to Pasig City Hall for the performances and awarding of winners for Group dance contest, Best float and costume design but as expected, traffic has exploded out of proportion, I was caught in a traffic jam for hours because major roads are fully congested.

You can see here all the themed floats creative design and decorations have been brought together in almost perfect coordination possible. I’m here to share the excitement.

IMG_2575 copy

Mayor Maribel Eusebio of Pasig with Mark Sambrano

The parade started after the live interview of GMA-7 and ABS CBN with Mayor Maribel Eusebio.

IMG_2593 copy

No amount of happiness can compensate for documenting this Paskotitap event so i can share it with you. My particular thanks to all Paskotitap organizers, float creators, designers, participating students, Schools, All sponsors, Rotary Club of Pasig and to Mayor Maribel EusebioHere are some photos taken last Sunday- Paskotitap 2015

Blog entries prepared for publications
@copyright all rights reserved Dec.2015

Note: Click on all images to view larger

The Jurassic World Float

It represents the spirit of Jurassic dinosaurs in the Mesozoic era. As you approach to see the images, it will change your mood and transformed everything bringing you back in time.

IMG_2358 copy

This model is one of its kind.

IMG_2342 copy


IMG_2355 copy


IMG_2348 copy

High school students wearing carnival costumes to match with the float animated theme.

IMG_2331 copy


The Star Wars Float

The float dramatically illustrates the war in the universe. Scene appeared to be dynamic and alive.

IMG_2673 copy


IMG_2466 copy


IMG_2452 copy


IMG_2463 copy


IMG_2441 copy


IMG_2438 copy

The Jedi Knights

IMG_2616 copy

Main Characters, Darth Vader and com.

IMG_2629 copy

The Queen Amidala costume.


The Dragon Ball Float


IMG_1958 copy


IMG_2246 copy


IMG_2254 copy


IMG_2248 copy


The Fantastic Four Float


IMG_2419 copy


IMG_2413 copy


IMG_2110 copy


IMG_2414 copy


The Lord of the Rings Float



IMG_2386 copy


IMG_2387 copy


IMG_2388 copy


The One Piece Float


IMG_2303 copy


IMG_2741 copy


IMG_2296 copy


IMG_2747 copy


IMG_2739 copy


The Sponge Bob Float


IMG_1998 copy


IMG_2003 copy


IMG_2264 copy


The Pokémon float


IMG_2273 copy


IMG_2278 copy


IMG_2284 copy


IMG_2292 copy

Impressive! What a beautiful make-up.The shading of different tones is very artistic. Thanks to the make-up artist,you deserve a recognition.

IMG_2755 copy

She volunteered for a single snapshot! Awesome! Looks like a real glittering fairy flapping and spreading her wings like a butterfly.

IMG_2762 copy


The Minions Float


IMG_2375 copy


IMG_2682 copy


IMG_2360 copy

The Avengers Float


IMG_2719 copy


IMG_2328 copy


IMG_2696 copy


IMG_2698 copy


The Scooby Doo Float


IMG_2218 copy


IMG_2317 copy


IMG_2722 copy


IMG_2734 copy

The Gurimon Float

IMG_2427 copy


IMG_2428 copy


The transformers float

Most picturesque movie themed float. Transformers float is the best loved by the kids around.


IMG_2152 copy


IMG_2548 copy


IMG_2547 copy


IMG_2479 copy


IMG_2482 copy


IMG_2483 copy


IMG_2484 copy


IMG_2545 copy


IMG_2551 copy


IMG_2612 copy


MineCraft Float

By: Alba Works


IMG_2036 copy

Thank you to the good record and service projects. Thank you, thank you Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig. Ang babait ninyo!


Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Parade 2014


Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Parade 2014 is a beautiful
exhibition of electronic floats sponsored by participating institutions and schools.

What an extraordinary works of art regarding the tertiary colors of their choice was even more emphasized. It was just the right time to be there because images will show details that it’s worth it! Right? It was completely beautiful, you can view all the real colors of floats at daytime.

All floats are dazzling but what an effort! it was a long daylight exposure for me battling the intense heat from the sun. Paskotitap parade was scheduled at 6:00 pm, I went to check all the floats 3 hours earlier and this is my first time to cover it at daytime. I was just curious to see the accurate colors of all floats and the real images of the movie characters. It was more easier for me because there’s no rushing to snap unlike at night that you move to catch the speed that sometimes it shows blurry images.

You can already distinguished the difference to view all floats at day, if you can see the real colors at daytime, nigh photography shows good special effects, you usually see the bright neon colors are brilliant and vibrant because the light.

Note: To view it larger and better,don’t forget to click on all images below.

To see the Night Photography of Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds float, Click this link>  and this image

Here ‘s to present all amazing floats of the year 2014, all photos taken before sundown definitely, it’s a daytime photography

 Egypt Float


10858471_1536565166599566_4521946157090798168_n copy


10351682_1536559926600090_4318247120210743942_n copy


10393553_1536564393266310_2422031315102415354_n copy


1939892_1536564936599589_4632603286274620268_n copy


10358737_1536564583266291_2141370971895782811_n copy


10858547_1536564533266296_1226778118044157009_n copy


10153762_1536564343266315_2670870181247814437_n copy


10350547_1536565126599570_2179027119347394060_n copy


10622944_1536564763266273_1384616376840062793_n copy


1797477_1536564299932986_6485086417382753153_n copy


Alaska Float

10177285_1536566269932789_3749981227444508653_n copy


10849818_1536566306599452_2654159203586754436_n copy


10445932_1536565966599486_6520724879353712806_n copy


10846258_1536565256599557_8516741618091935326_n copy




14291_1536566909932725_5272029493802352923_n copy


1533741_1536566709932745_8951345859208969932_n copy


1618435_1536565736599509_8359585068948861895_n copy


1978673_1536565803266169_11135749213327832_n copy


10407451_1536566796599403_6994777965954964159_n copy


10806340_1536566139932802_1891014312346943843_n copy


10428639_1536566326599450_2953828683168954540_n copy


Maleficent Float

10665673_1536567696599313_1809241783155392528_n copy


1549198_1536902326565850_3213892204115076259_n copy


10805710_1536567169932699_5412945264225078699_n copy


10805719_1536567756599307_7842177232817208207_n copy


10858530_1536567309932685_5891004540735873743_n copy


1507807_1536567543265995_292318820378844844_n copy


10403568_1536567519932664_7370403151456475018_n copy


10850281_1536567846599298_2896736309697627932_n copy


1982137_1536566726599410_4900245474476633301_n copy


10676379_1536567943265955_5813677618194078302_n copy


10846390_1536566786599404_3033563842144015904_n copy


10846435_1536566653266084_5633364087600407459_n copy


Spiderman Float

1723086_1536569846599098_4164821290236182434_n copy


10850146_1536569279932488_3894803129172563943_n copy


10857864_1536569883265761_4625299998730316283_n copy


10849827_1536569056599177_3850588402467414256_n copy


1505210_1536569796599103_9178695683523363662_n copy


10460410_1536568799932536_9136966127449696296_n copy


960169_1536569759932440_9208936945013626473_n copy


Tinkerbell Float

10347168_1536562696599813_2919152522517981966_n copy



10383103_1536563439933072_1451354335253491341_n (1) copy


10264471_1536562869933129_7068720934947769095_n copy


10846238_1536563716599711_4933553857660882290_n copy


10845934_1536562776599805_7579323410612922559_n copy


10264471_1536562869933129_7068720934947769095_n copy


1911796_1536563673266382_7235184537835154496_n copy


Nativity Float

11084_1536562033266546_4484884019005146771_n copy


10394769_1536562966599786_2331805782535264071_n copy


Copy (2) of FotorCreated copy


Copy (3) of FotorCreated copy


Mickey Mouse Float

10357817_1536572316598851_2516203660120031548_n copy


1782028_1536572106598872_9094706615391393763_n copy


10172828_1536572949932121_345863367717334578_n copy


10556363_1536572889932127_1465317168744997450_n copy


10517688_1536572656598817_314773695381265911_n copy


10802045_1536572753265474_1635184733779609425_n copy


10847981_1536572053265544_174050741018042508_n copy


10868072_1536572696598813_2249226078009477488_n copy


1497597_1536572419932174_790985892854017263_n copy


1505325_1536572679932148_7306500382278389086_n copy


10173602_1536572586598824_3245583417726253377_n copy


Christmas Float

1381801_1536564643266285_8719132346725559764_n copy


10407213_1536563276599755_1126146475592262133_n copy


10849985_1536563209933095_5595098433052729314_n copy


10857952_1536563919933024_731916569194816072_n copy


10857801_1536563153266434_7204081736571429582_n copy


10616452_1536564593266290_7242333500220568498_n copy


10857981_1536563633266386_8465108403872428959_n copy


Little Mermaid

10407944_1536570029932413_7228245549155775299_n copy


1959924_1536569946599088_3085595324484059528_n copy


1379350_1536569569932459_6778563518044048392_n copy


10616376_1536570096599073_8059133772637271229_n copy


10847951_1536570149932401_949268547825554034_n copy


Other Floats

10406580_1536571743265575_1940753860225987632_n copy


10847941_1536571976598885_5126634078179255437_n copy


10848007_1536571409932275_2829025261188540700_n copy


10857723_1536571826598900_5874437246739669294_n copy


10868265_1536571986598884_6883081647724002862_n copy


10801523_1536570973265652_3234037433869351476_n copy


10868232_1536571486598934_8455346741976292408_n copy


10392468_1536571456598937_4019860648351903615_n copy


14290_1536570919932324_4472947006162784306_n copy


1526848_1536571169932299_6458921841511144082_n (1) copy


10421132_1536568029932613_2788581807922004475_n copy


1937446_1536568956599187_2253958717437215134_n copy


8978_1536568866599196_6640262229281392327_n copy


10857821_1536568976599185_5049560272678536494_n copy


10404388_1536567923265957_4107987950475637982_n copy


10845974_1536568213265928_8647399401128504533_n copy


 Paskotitap 2011         Paskotitap 2012


IMG_3241 copy             IMG_4136 copy



Photo of the Day

Impatient roses is a Floribunda, it is fragrant and deep bright pink. It looks like the Hybrid Tea. The glorious bloom i never miss to photograph the first flowers appeared in the morning.

4 Beautiful photos of Impatient Roses

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_9317 copy


IMG_9316 copy


IMG_9315 copy


IMG_9318 copy



I’ve started covering the Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade way back year 2011 and up the the present, it was already my fourth year of following the parade. I’ve already published 3 others in the past.As usual, it is done at the same time(6:00 pm) and venue(in front of Sm HyperMart ) It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials.

In the past,they presented different electrical float design, a movie-themed float well-structured and gracefully made with soundtrack. For this year 2014, Floats featured popular Disney characters from animated movies with live performers wearing elegant costumes. Just like the fairy tale stories, you’ll see the interpretation of your favorite Disney characters.Hundreds of watchers and passers turned to see the float.Full of people screaming with wide eyes admiration, simply, the shouts of joy.

Paskotitap Parade for this year is quiet different from the rest.There’s a quick change of set up to present the multi-colored shades particularly, the natural and exact color of the float.I can only get that view during daytime. How about that? I guess, better photos would be taken at right time,I was able to take close-up photos of all floats during the day followed by more shots at night. Indeed, photography would be easier with the absence of the crowd.

From the dark and bright sky, you’ll see the difference between ”Day photography” and the”Night photography”. So here, you’ll the difference between the two if you view photos taken by day and night.You can see the natural color of the float during the day but it’s more wonderful to see the glitzy glow of floats at night. Here ‘s to present not only day photos but, night photos as well.

Note: to see day photography of all floats next posts…

Here are some photos of Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade 2014, it’s my night photography. Lets get started!

Note:Click on images to view larger

Alaska Float

10306755_1536901473232602_1756835551451429574_n copy


10421600_1536894826566600_7365095121446497215_n copy


10849786_1536901646565918_5512453879823048538_n copy


10849822_1536893936566689_5956720105409871828_n copy


10350352_1536893739900042_9110839176887842224_n copy


 Egypt Float


1378856_1536565746599508_4920572705985545973_n copy


10849721_1536564903266259_1457727578243226285_n copy


10845997_1536560409933375_8514393558627955141_n copy


10423634_1536894553233294_5812154970792490721_n copy


Mickey Mouse Float


10428542_1536897563232993_3146596136384845702_n copy


10675651_1536897879899628_2440526086905894334_n (1) copy


10406667_1536896729899743_6128834653949934658_n copy


Nativity Float


10868095_1536893523233397_5755929662876667868_n copy


1897828_1536893206566762_3204039242846658979_n copy


Spiderman Float


10846473_1536899433232806_2344212048164298740_n (1) copy


10406856_1536899796566103_6201629861286360882_n copy


10846022_1536900026566080_8477916578753950497_n copy


10849913_1536900209899395_4338052040348890416_n (1) copy


 Tinkerbell Float


10273515_1536902106565872_5990575001821312791_n copy


10850258_1536902206565862_5280113037766936820_n copy


1604541_1536893013233448_7718300222835969967_n copy


Other floats, Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade 2014


10372177_1536899819899434_5362014446606808647_n (1) copy


10599290_1536899893232760_465970733015029860_n copy


10407305_1536900463232703_7445669418582550175_n copy


10868125_1536900236566059_7341039584346798588_n (1) copy


10376845_1536900149899401_1236570254886649648_n copy


10410157_1536901373232612_238898240806503719_n (1) copy


10847903_1536901173232632_3383361663164039276_n copy


10849919_1536901353232614_2394091244597584285_n copy


10850300_1536900389899377_4370752442590909428_n copy


1618466_1536895286566554_9057025731741013014_n copy


10428563_1536898586566224_899017698365056024_n copy


10404452_1536897609899655_2300102797722651843_n copy


10404452_1536897609899655_2300102797722651843_n copy


1381493_1536897353233014_1678335610757354782_n copy


10624777_1536901706565912_7553561511391211635_n copy


10858451_1536901743232575_1418295548271838019_n copy


10353110_1536899263232823_7975372765646399191_n copy


10405452_1536898449899571_8510537456036928319_n copy


10616245_1536898219899594_4302978423639587358_n copy


1380840_1536901876565895_4730361004409893255_n copy


1924353_1536898416566241_1593132651258816496_n copy


10868101_1536897906566292_6826120062973739757_n copy


10868139_1536897459899670_3330114134562549268_n copy


10395833_1536897376566345_7974554041792000741_n copy


10409218_1536897176566365_1618918074466788183_n copy


10409290_1536896996566383_402111965333368479_n copy


10858427_1536896929899723_7367629895386578565_n copy



You’ve probably heard Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade before, it’s an annual parade done at the same time and venue ( in front of SM Hypermarket) It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials.

Following the parade for 4 years since year 2011 up to the present,I’ve already published 3 others in the past.Adding to the excitement, I’ve collected beautiful photos as well, it’s a good subject of ”Night Photography”

Let me make a brief review of the past year’s ”Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade” 

Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float-Year 2011 


IMG_3235 copy

Power Puff Girls Float

IMG_3217 copy

Angry Birds Float

Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float-Year 2012

 IMG_4066 copy

The Avatars

IMG_4049 copy

Avatar Float

Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float-Year 2013

 DSC02802 copy

Students with their unique costumes

DSC02848 copy

 Hello Kitty Float

Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float-Year 2014

In the past years, photography is always done at night because it’s an electronic float but year 2014, I was able to do both day and night photography at the same day.I went to SM Hyper  Mart midday and luckily all floats was already there for light fixings and finishing touches. You can see here from the photos itself the difference between night and day shots. For me, daytime, you can clearly see the original colors of the float, it was attractive but bit dry. Of course, night photography looks more attractive because of it’s vibrant colors and flashing lights.

 1395914_1536570003265749_1671880903377848662_n copy

Spider-man Float (Day Photography)

10846473_1536899433232806_2344212048164298740_n copy

Spider-man Float (Night Photography)



10888807_1547399995516083_5720789552613791307_n copy

Ice Castle

Along the way going to Tagaytay City, we made a quick stop because I saw this towering ice castle across the street. Over-looking from afar, it was beautiful and Translucent.The Ice Castle is a magical winter tale of Valenza by Crown Asia. The Valenza -Crown Asia in Sta. Rosa Laguna  is a popular subdivisions with Italian architectural features.

Approaching from behind is the vivid reflections of the sunset that made the landscape more radiant and flashy.This is a serious Holiday landscape dressing up for the season followed with street signs. You can see the presence of frozen lake, polar bears, Santa  with Carousel, winter deer, Christmas trees  and Ice castle.The outfit of the landscape is a winter zone setting that happens to be in the flat farmlands of the city.

It would be more nicer if the aerial view was taken. From a far distance, it was almost perfect! I can just describe it as a traffic stopping landscape because of number of people taking pictures in front of the castle.

Let me show you a few of my snapshots

10422548_1547401268849289_1243699193044842663_n copy

 The winter deer. it looks like sled deer.

10885423_1547400028849413_4785357199417013795_n copy


10891637_1547401235515959_4893524499358716450_n copy

 Well-dressed snowman

10898316_1547400408849375_5191877833424610001_n copy

 The Towering Ice Castle

10906113_1547400458849370_7079329084978859587_n copy


10917825_1547400375516045_7116306874703199114_n copy

Santa with carousel

10418989_1547401145515968_2083762362522764898_n copy

Street Sign

Furthermore, the charms despite the southern woodland address spreads the cheer for the for the holiday spirit.

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